National Christmas Bird Count

THESE BERRIES WERE FOR THE BIRDS.—On Saturday, Stuyvesant Town resident Barbara Bienenfeld spied this robin in a snow-covered bush with berries as she walked into the 14th Street Loop at Avenue A. The photo was taken on Saturday, the day before the National Christmas Bird Count.

On Sunday morning, a local group of birders participated in the national Christmas Bird Count, beginning at Stuyvesant Cove and then moving onto Stuyvesant Town.

Local team members were Pearl Broder, Wendy Byrne, Louise Fraza and Anne Lazarus, who passed along the list of bird species that were spotted, including Sharp-Shinned and Cooper’s Hawks attempting to hunt. “Lots of drama out there,” reported Lazarus, who compiled this list.

Note: c.w. stands for “count week,” three days before Sunday, December 17 count day and then three days after count day.

Swamp sparrow at Stuyvesant Cove (Photos by Pearl Broder)

At the Cove:
Brant Geese: 3
Mallards: 2
American Black Duck: 1 c.w.
Northern Shoveler: 1 c.w.
Bufflehead Duck: 1, male
Red-breasted Mergansers: 1, male and female
Double-crested Cormorant: 1
Ring-billed Gulls: 65
Herring Gull: 1
Great Black-backed Gull: 1
Rock Pigeons: About 50
American Crow: 2 c.w.
European Starlings: 6 c.w.
Swamp Sparrows: 3
Song Sparrows: 2
White-throated Sparrow: 1
House Sparrows: 40

White-throated sparrow at Stuyvesant Cove

Stuy Town:
Sharp-shinned Hawk:1
Cooper`s Hawk: 1
Rock Pigeons: about 120, probably under-estimating
Mourning Doves: 8
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker: 1, 1 c.w.
Blue Jays: 3
American Crows: 1, c.w.
Winter Wren: 1
American Robins: 9
Hermit Thrushes: 3
European Starlings: 2
Ovenbird: 1 c.w.
Common Yellowthroat: 1 c.w.
Fox Sparrow: 1  c.w.
White-throated Sparrows: 37 (possible under-count)
Dark-eyed Juncos: 2
Northern Cardinal-1 female (2 males during c.w.)
House Finches: 11 (all in Sweet Gum Tree at 420 East 20th Street Main with Juncos)
House Sparrows: about 130, probably more.

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  1. We have quite a few blue jays. I put unsalted peanuts (in the shell) on my a/c and they appear out of nowhere and snag them! I thought they had all migrated for winter and had stopped putting out the peanuts, but I saw one the other day in a nearby tree and I hadn’t even got the window closed before he/she swooped and snagged a peanut!

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