Letters to the editor, Dec. 21

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Nightmare on East 14th Street

We were all aware of the closing down of the L train in 2019 due to repairs required in the tunnel damaged in superstorm Sandy. This was a known fact to our community and the entire city. However, we were not aware of the construction that would start a few months back building an entrance to the L First Avenue station on Avenue A, as it was almost impossible to find room on the platform.

In any event, about 4-6 months ago, we noticed bus stops were being moved and a lot of fencing was being put  up. Then we realized, this is it; the construction would start on a subway entrance to the L train on 14th Street and  Avenue A. Instead of being good news, it became difficult to get past the construction site, the noise, the dust, the trucks the workmen standing around, causing causing smoke, litter, clutter as even if our neighborhood is not crowded enough.

In the last who weeks beside the construction noise, dust, etc., a new wrinkle has been added. Medium to large cranes are now being used to for whatever purposes. This is quite near the lines of people walking single file to get the L train or wherever they are going. Of course, millennials are dashing off to work and not paying attention to what is going on, not looking, left, right or sideways, just wanting to walk as fast as possible to get to their jobs, and hope they can keep them and not be late, as it isn’t easy to find housing as convenient at ST/PCV. I spoke to security guards in their cruiser and mentioned how close the cranes are to pedestrians. Their response: We have nothing to do with it and call the city.  I did call 311 and told the whole story and was supposed to receive a confirmation email, which I never did.  The 311 systems has never worked for me in other city matters or personal matters that pertain to the city.

In addition to the above, portable toilets are installed right behind a bus stop on 14th Street and Avenue A. Even though covered by a fence it is still there. The American flag flies proudly in the wind. When these type of additions are added to building sites, it is not usually right into people’s apartments and people waiting for buses.  These type of conditions are used when a large construction project is started and finished.

We are further inconvenienced to not have a bus stop at Avenue A and 14th Street and one must dash over to 1st Avenue and 14th Street to catch both crosstown buses.

It is all well and good for the MTA to improve the subway system, but the whole project seems to have been ill-conceived with no thought about construction work being so close to tenants apartments. This is not just a construction site; this is a large apartment complex with tenants’ windows being a few feet from this massive amount of work to be done.

People should be aware when walking single file from Avenue A to First Avenue to be aware of what is going on and hope no damage is done to buildings, people, children with babysitters,  seniors and everyone else who has to take these streets to get to where their destination is and not fear for their safety.

Ruth Metz, ST

Thank you, kind stranger

While running errands recently I dropped my bank card somewhere between 24th Street and Second Avenue and 23rd Street and First Avenue. By the time I walked into the M&T Bank at 23rd Street moments after realizing my card was missing, it had already been turned in. A bank employee waved at me as soon as I entered the bank to tell me that a woman had just brought my card in. I don’t know who you are but please accept my sincere thanks for taking the time to immediately bring my card to the bank. It is so very much appreciated.

Jo-Ann Polise, ST

2 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Dec. 21

  1. It would be helpful if people hurrying through the narrow space that is what is left of the sidewalk between Avenue A and First Avenue on the North side of 14th Street, especially between 435/445 and 14th St Loop, would look up from their phones and look where they are going.

  2. The Tenants Association needs to drop its ill-advised opposition to the L train expansion, and work to secure benefits for ALL tenants, not only those who are rent-stabilized.

    The TA and its leadership should be Working With Electeds to secure gift cards to Union Square Cafe (for example).

    Thank you.

    Elaine Whisnant
    East 14th Street

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