Barfly owners: Kit Harington is welcome back here any time

Kit Harington (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

The owners of Barfly want Game of Thrones fans to know that despite a viral video of actor Kit Harington supposedly acting “disorderly” in the Gramercy bar last Friday night, Jon Snow was actually a perfect, if intoxicated, gentleman.

Video posted on TMZ on Saturday showed Harington getting into an argument over a game of pool and being escorted from the bar shortly after, but owners Aldo Parisi and Krystyn Shari said there was actually more to the story. When reached for comment, a bartender told T&V that Parisi and Shari had clarified the incident in a statement to the press on Tuesday, first reported by Entertainment Tonight.

The owners explained that Harington was already intoxicated and had been over-served elsewhere when he went into Barfly on Friday night and was only there for about half an hour, during which he bought a drink for himself and his friend, as well as a round of drinks for all the other customers in the bar.

Owners Parisi and Shari said that the dispute shown in the video was over a game of pool, but they explained that another customer at the bar had allowed Harington to take a shot during his game and the disagreement occurred due to a misunderstanding about the rules.

Barfly on Third Avenue (Photo via Google Maps)

“The game being played is called ‘Killer’ where each person takes one shot, but Harington tried to continue shooting,” the owners said. “That was the extent of the disagreement.”

Parisi and Shari were also reportedly not pleased that someone had taken video of Harington and wanted to make sure the actor knew that he was welcome back in the bar anytime.

“Our customers deserve their privacy no matter who they are,” the owners said. “We’ve had plenty of famous people in here in the past and nothing like that has happened to them.”

Page Six had reported that Harington also came back to the bar on Third Avenue after he had already been kicked out, but the owners said that was only to settle his tab.

“He came back later that night to pay his check and left a one hundred percent tip, $70 on a $70 check,” the owners said. “The bartenders that served him both said he was actually a very nice guy.”

A rep for the actor didn’t get back to us by press time.

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