Garodnick endorses Epstein

(Pictured) Former Council Member Dan Garodnick with Harvey Epstein

By Sabina Mollot

On Wednesday, former City Council Member Dan Garodnick announced his support for Harvey Epstein, who’s running for the Assembly seat vacated by State Senator Brian Kavanagh.

“I’ve known Harvey Epstein for years and have personally witnessed his leadership in fighting for tenants and seniors — especially his advocacy for Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village,” said Garodnick,

“Not only was he responsible for supervising my office’s free tenant hotline over the past decade, but his work on the Rent Guidelines Board led to the historic two-year rent freeze. It is important that we have elected officials who understand the community’s needs and the government process and I am confident that Harvey will be a real asset in Albany.”

The endorsement is in addition to a few others Epstein has snagged from elected officials.

Earlier in the month, he was endorsed by former Council Member Rosie Mendez, Council Member Ben Kallos, Assembly Members Deborah Glick and Richard Gottfried.

Epstein is a public interest attorney with Urban Justice Center and is one of two tenant representatives on the Rent Guidelines Board.

So far Governor Andrew Cuomo hasn’t called a special election to fill current vacant Assembly and Senate seats, but there is speculation it will happen in April.

Other candidates in the 74th District Assembly race are Democrats Sandro Sherrod and Mike Corbett.

5 thoughts on “Garodnick endorses Epstein

  1. Does Mr. Epstein not know that being seen with three-term, do-nothing Dan is NOT going to win himself any fans in these parts?

    • As much as I don’t like Dan, there are way too many people that don’t read up on him and the true politician that he really is, and therefore think he’s this great fighter for tenants. Only the people who think for themselves and do a little research on the guy know what he is really capable of. Way too many people see a smiling family man that is highly touted by T&V and the TA, and automatically think he can do no wrong.

  2. If Dan’s for him , I’m against him. However, none of it matters as corruption wins the day in NYC/NYS politics.

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