Stuyvesant Town Mount Sinai Practice now open

(Pictured) David Leeds, aide to Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney; Margaret Pastuszko, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy and Integration Officer, Mount Sinai Health System; Kelly Cassano, Chief of Ambulatory Care, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; Jeremy Boal, MD, President, Mount Sinai Downtown and Chief Medical Officer, Mount Sinai Health System; State Senator Brad Hoylman; Council Member Keith Powers; Susan Steinberg, President of the Stuyvesant Town / Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association; Claude Winfield, Vice-Chair, Local Community Advisory Board, Chair, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Community Advisory Council; Rick Hayduk, CEO, General Manager, StuyTown Property Services; Abigail Chen, Senior Medical Director, Mount Sinai Doctors Downtown Faculty Practice; Elvis DeLeon, Vice President, Ambulatory Operations, Mount Sinai Doctors Downtown (Photo courtesy of The Mount Sinai Health System)

Mount Sinai Doctors Stuyvesant Town, a new multi-specialty practice at 518 East 20th Street, was officially opened last Thursday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Featuring state-of-the-art exam rooms and imaging services, the practice will offer extended weekday and weekend hours for both walk-in and scheduled appointments.

“Serving the downtown community is our top priority and our vast ambulatory network, one of the largest in lower Manhattan, makes this possible,” said Jeremy Boal, MD, the president of the MountSinai Downtown Network, who is also a resident of Peter Cooper Village.

Stuyvesant resident Monica Inzio, a patient, said she had been “eagerly waiting” for the practice to open.

The busy mother, wife and seasonal allergy sufferer hadn’t been feeling well for weeks once the weather started getting very cold.

“I couldn’t stop coughing, which kept me up at night,” said Inzio. “My husband walked by the practice on the first day it was open and asked if I could come in that day and they said yes! I rushed there from work, coughing the whole was and they took me right away. My family, including my husband, son and daughter will be going there. It’s great to know that it’s a practice and walk-in emergency clinic in one.”

5 thoughts on “Stuyvesant Town Mount Sinai Practice now open

  1. Seriously, another photo-op for our TA leader while tenants continue to battle issues like excessive noise and construction, lack of heat, out of control bikes and golf carts, etc., on their own?!?!?! Photo-ops and political grandstanding seem to be the only things this group cares about these days.

    • And I want to make it clear… I would have no problem with the photo-ops if things were getting done, and there weren’t tenants suffering from issues that the TA should be addressing on a daily basis. It’s a real problem when we are seeing less action and more pictures showing political schmoozing from the people who should be fighting for us.

      • The supposed TA is nothing more than a department of SPS. Sellout Steinberg and the entire board are employees of SPS.

  2. The only way I enter this facility is if they bring me there in an ambulance because i was unresponsive and couldn’t tell them to take me anywhere else. Since ambulances wouldn’t do that, this is another Stuy Town office/store I will never step foot in.

  3. You need to do something about your windows. You are not HIPPA compliant – There needs to be a shade or a light painted color above the waist like you do at the Urgent Care on Columbus Avenue.

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