Police suspect convicted robber behind mugging in Gramercy

Theodore Gaddy

By Maria Rocha-Buschel 

Police are looking for 32-year-old Theodore Gaddy in connection with a robbery that allegedly took place in front of 150 East 24th Street earlier this month. The 13th precinct tweeted that Gaddy was wanted for a robbery on the evening of January 8. The “wanted” notice in the tweet said that the most recent incident happened in 2017 but police confirmed that the robbery actually occurred this year.

Gaddy allegedly pushed a 16-year-old boy to the ground before grabbing his cell phone and ID card and fleeing the scene. Police said that Gaddy and the boy didn’t know each other and that Gaddy was wearing all black at the time of the incident.

According to the District Attorney’s office, Gaddy previously pleaded guilty to a robbery that took place in Harlem on September 1, 2014. In that incident, he stole a woman’s cell phone and punched her in the stomach. The DA’s office said that Gaddy was sentenced to one and a half to three years in state prison after he pleaded guilty to attempted robbery in connection with the case.

Gaddy was also convicted of attempted assault on August 2, 2013 for the assault of a family member, for which he received a 20-day jail sentence, the DA’s office said.

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