New commanding officer for 13th Pct.

Deputy Inspector Steven Hellman

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

A familiar face is coming to fill the shoes of Deputy Inspector Brendan Timoney at the 13th Precinct, who announced at the most recent community council meeting last Tuesday that he would be transferring to the Midtown South precinct. Timoney, who has been at the precinct for the last three years, said that Deputy Inspector Steven Hellman, previously the precinct’s executive officer, would be coming to replace him. Hellman started at his new post last Thursday.

In an interview during his first stint at the precinct in 2014, Hellman told Town & Village that he comes from a police family, with his father, uncle and brother all former or current police captains in the NYPD. Hellman started in the department in 1994 at the 19th precinct, covering the Upper East Side, and spent six years as an officer in Washington Heights. Prior to becoming the executive officer at the 13th Precinct in 2014, Hellman was in the same position at the 9th Precinct, which covers the East Village.

Hellman was not available for comment upon his return to the precinct, but previously told Town & Village that he prefers a proactive approach with his work, such as in domestic violence cases, where he prefers to speak with victims directly.

 “A lot of time what happens in the precinct, we have a propensity for certain repeat offenders or the victim is elderly and I want to let those people know that services are available if there are repeat altercations,” he said in the previous interview. “It’s also important to have that relationship so if I go downtown, I’m already familiar with the case and can give as many details as possible.”

Hellman left the 13th Precinct as the executive officer around the same time in 2015 that Timoney arrived as the precinct’s commanding officer, having been transferred to Midtown North. Just before getting transferred back to the 13th, Hellman was in charge at the 7th Precinct in the Lower East Side. Local blog The Lo-Down noted that Hellman has been deputy inspector at the 7th precinct for the last two and a half years.

The Daily News reported last week that a number of other top-ranking positions in the NYPD were getting reshuffled, with 29 captains reassigned to new positions this month. The News noted that the recent transfers also moved a handful of women and minorities into higher leadership positions.

5 thoughts on “New commanding officer for 13th Pct.

  1. Thank goodness. Maybe a new commander can deal with the police vehicles stored all over the neighborhood including in crosswalks between two elementary schools and most appallingly in bus stops leaving wheelchair bound individuals and the elderly to get off the bus in the middle of the avenue since the bus can’t get to the curb. Shame on the former commander. Thank goodness he is gone. He was a complete failure. Additionally, perhaps the new guy will realize that PCVST is in his jurisdiction and he can educate his staff to stop telling residents of PCVST to call security. Either that or see to it that residents of PCVST get a break on their city taxes since we do not have NYPD protection.

    • I agree. The 13th precinct has no business telling PCVST residents to call Security. We’re entitled to police protection just like everyone else living in this city. This new commander needs to understand that Security is here primarily to protect the interests of the owner, not the residents. When PCVST residents call the 13th precinct, telling them to call Security is not an appropriate response and needs to stop.

    • That’s a very good point, something I never thought of. We pay city taxes, and therefore telling us to call security is unacceptable. PCVST is not its own entity under its own jurisdiction, it is private property located within the city of NY, therefore under the protection of the NYPD. Also, as ED Brown stated, security is here to protect the owners interests, not the tenants. If anything happens, it’s their job to make sure it doesn’t become a PR nightmare.

  2. Dear Slash, I could have written what you wrote above about the insane proliferation of police vehicles in this neighborhood….right down to them blocking crosswalks in front of schools and all the disgraceful examples you mentioned. I would love to team up on confronting the 13th pct and PBMS about this obscenity. You can reach me at

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