Letters to the editor, Feb. 1

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

When there’s no time for getting lost

When I wrote a letter last week recommending that persons living alone should have a medical alert button (“A real life safer,” T&V, Jan. 25), I mentioned in passing that there is a problem with confusing addresses in Stuy Town.

Actually, that problem can have serious effects.

The first time I had to use the button EMS arrived very quickly. But on another occasion, the street address prompted them to come to the side of the building that is less frequently used. Of course, it took longer for them to get to my apartment and longer to take me to their ambulance, which was parked farther away.

But, much more serious than that, Stuy Town security, which gets the call the same time EMS does, was not with them this time, presumably because security was at the popular building entrance.  EMS rang my doorbell and this time I was able to walk to the door and open it for them.  But if a person is unable to move, which is frequently the case, the time lost in gaining access could have serious results.

Why must buildings most often reached from 16th Street have 14th Street addresses, and those off the continuation of 18th Street have 20th Street addresses? Or, one could even use the Loop Road for the address.

And, while alone inside the apartment a person should engage only one lock, the one for which Stuy Town Security has the key.  If you’re injured you want them to get to you fast.

Don Murray, ST


Thank you, T&V and readers

You are truly our holiday angel!

Once again you’ve done an amazing job coordinating this year’s toy drive and what a fantastic success! Your commitment to our families and children is clear, and so appreciated. Thanks to everyone at Town & Village who helped make this holiday season such a happy one for our children. We wish you a healthy and fabulous New Year.

Bonnie Robbins, PhD
Coordinator, Children and Family Services,
Mount Sinai Beth Israel

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