ST/PCV residents enjoy brief break from winter

On Tuesday, children enjoyed the first opportunity in months to play comfortably outside. In Peter Cooper Village, kids on scooters could be seen everywhere. (Pictured) Sisters Alice and Sophie Ghalem with their friends Aya and Sakura Donnelly ride outside Playground 2. (Photos by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

As the weatherman predicted, the sun came out on Tuesday, bringing with it temperatures that went up to the 60s and even higher on Wednesday.

With the muggy morning a distant memory, on Tuesday afternoon families headed outside to local playgrounds. In Stuyvesant Town, rows of strollers could be seen double parked at the tower playground while at the ice rink the chiller worked overtime for unbundled up skaters. Tee-shirt wearing basketball players took over the First Avenue playground in Peter Cooper while kids, donning helmets, whizzed by on the paths on their scooters outside a packed Playground 2. Over by the fitness playground, neighbors Lisa Chin and Anne Fischbach, who sometimes utilize the equipment there, seemed more content on this tropical day to just relax on a bench.

“There were even more people before,” said Fischbach while gesturing to where a few men were training in a corner of the playground. As for her own plans that evening, Fischbach quipped, “I’m going to watch television at 8 and have dinner.”

Chin, however, indicated she’d stay outside longer. “I’ll try to take advantage of the sun,” she said. “I miss the sun a whole lot.”

Chin, who had a copy of this newspaper tucked in her purse, added that she and Fischbach often come down when the weather’s warm. The two women have known each other since meeting on the roof of their building one day for a bit of sunbathing (back in the days when this was less of a major rule to break).

Another Stuy Town resident, Patty Vega, sitting near the tower playground with her dogs, Sensai and Shifu, said while she was enjoying the weather, she still couldn’t shake the news of the recent school shooting in Florida.

“It’s a beautiful day and I hope everyone walks out of schools to protest gun violence,” she said.

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