Letters to the editor, Mar. 8

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Albany Republicans blocking gun regs

Last week, the Senate Democratic Conference announced a legislative package to combat gun violence and protect New Yorkers. I am proud to be part of a group of Senate leaders standing up to the corporate gun lobby, and we have offered a series of common sense bills to address the repeated tragedies caused by gun violence. We brought four of these bills to the floor of the Senate as “hostile amendments” – and every Republican Senator voted no on each proposal.

To quote leader Andrea Stewart Cousins, “The madness must stop. We need to get serious about gun safety and we need to take real action.”

Studies have proven that states with stronger firearm safety laws, like New York, have fewer gun-caused deaths. Unfortunately, NY Republicans are taking their lead from their extremist Washington allies and for years have refused to move any common sense gun laws.

The Democratic Conference has proposed implementing effective background checks, establishing extreme risk protection orders and banning bump stocks in New York State. We have also advanced legislation to create a Firearm Violence Research Institute, which is more pressing due to the Trump Administration’s and Congress Republicans’ refusal to investigate.

Let’s elect senators who will actually do something about gun violence.

Liz Krueger,
State Senator

Easy solution to Ave. C litter problem

I live in the northeast corner of Stuy Town, across the street from the M23 select bus stop. When I moved here 30 years ago, there was always a trash receptacle at that stop. Suddenly, one year ago, it disappeared and the littering began.

The intense river winds blow most of the litter into the East River and beyond. The half-filled coffee cups blow over and now one seat is sticky. It is gross, unsanitary and polluting.

I called management and was told that corner was not busy enough to warrant a trash can. I received an emphatic “No.” I then called the supervisor three times and he never called back, which is insulting.

I hope and pray that if enough people call (561) 526-6201, the trash can will suddenly appear and the littering and pollution will cease to exist.

Wouldn’t that be nice?  All dedicated readers should demand a trash can at the corner of East 20th Street and Avenue C.

Susan Schoenbaum, ST

Woodcock found on 66th Street and Broadway (Photo by Kathleen Matthews)

Glass buildings a fatal bird attraction

So tragic! More glass buildings coming. This picture shows what glass buildings and windows can do. This poor American Woodcock.

Woodcocks defend themselves through camouflage. They often look just like the leaves. Sadly, they do not know glass and like many other birds, fly into it.

The clever Cooper’s Hawk has been known to chase prey to glass panes and windows. We lose a billion birds annually to fatal glass collisions. European Starlings, House Sparrows, Rock Pigeons, Blue Jays and Crow species understand glass, but not the others. Lit windows at night are a problem. I keep my shades down. Cell towers are also a problem.

Some of these birds can be rescued. I rescued a Hermit Thrush and brought it to the Wild Bird Fund on Columbus Avenue.  I also released a frightened American Woodcock into a safe area of Central Park. The Woodcock at Bryant Park is lucky so far. Sometimes we get one in Stuyvesant Town. They are secretive.

Your readers might also be interested in learning how they can also report dead birds via D-Bird: NYC Audubon Bird Mortality Database.

Anne Lazarus, ST

OJ error

To the Editor:

I very much appreciated Steven Sanders’ essay, “Donald, OJ and Vlad,” T&V, Feb. 8. It was a clear and penetrating expose of the previous week under the Trump presidency. However, I need to point out an error when Sanders refers to the relationship of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. He was not Nicole Simpson’s boyfriend. He was her friend.

Barry Levy,
Upper West Side

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