Don’t arm teachers, say teens

Following the massacre last month at a Florida high school, the idea of arming teachers in classrooms has been floated by President Trump. This week a terroristic shooting threat directed at New Jersey schools this week prompted those schools to close. Town & Village intern Kristy Ye-Ling has asked her fellow high schoolers at School of the Future what they thought of arming teachers as a way to protect students.

Diego Winger, senior
Teachers are not soldiers or police. They don’t have the proper training, and they should just be dedicated to teaching students. If it gets to the point that schools need more defense, it is the school security that should be beefed up to a reasonable degree.

Aiden O’Sullivan, senior
I think that arming teachers is counterproductive to this goal of protecting people and that’s what everybody wants — fewer children dying in schools. Arming teachers with the same weapons that killed them in the first place creates a more hostile and unsafe environment and many kids don’t go to school because they have issues with authority. Feeling even more threatened won’t motivate them to come to school.

Barajas, senior
It’s unsafe because what if a student acts out and takes it out of their possession?

One thought on “Don’t arm teachers, say teens

  1. Arming teachers is a defensive action, not preventive. At best, the armed teacher might stop a mass killing that has already started. Wouldn’t it be better to prevent that violence before it starts?

    Metal detectors can keep many different weapons, not just guns, out of schools. They are currently used for that purpose in Government buildings, Courthouses, and sports stadiums. I support the Mayor and the Board of Ed in their proposals to extend their use in schools to protect our most precious resource. Our kids.

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