Tenant lobbying event in Albany

Real Rent Reform (R3), a coalition of tenant advocacy groups, is organizing a lobbying day in Albany on Thursday, March 22 to tell the State Senate to close the loopholes that are making housing in this city unaffordable. Even in rent-regulated apartments, the rent is too high and stability is at risk. Nearly 266,000 tenants live with a preferential rent which means their rent can jump hundreds of dollars when their lease is up.

Transportation will be provided free of cost by R3 as well as a light breakfast and lunch.

The Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association will have representatives there and is asking neighbors to attend.

In an email this week to residents, the TA said participants will be asking the full Democratic conference, including the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference, to include tenant-friendly bills as part of the budget package this year. The budget is supposed to be voted on in April. Tenants, working in teams of four and five, should be able to meet with legislators from other districts whose co-sponsorship of the bills is needed.

In its email, the TA said, “We are telling our stories about what is happening to us and our neighborhoods. We also want everyone attending to be as comfortable and informed with the process and facts. We will be sending out materials and doing trainings. There are two lobby day trainings scheduled that you are welcome to attend (although training isn’t required for making the trip).”

Bus pick-up locations: Brooklyn, Upper and Lower Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. Estimated time and location: Union Square at 6 a.m. Leave Albany around 3 p.m. and arrive back in NYC around 7:30 p.m.

Tenants are asked to RSVP for a spot on the bus by March 15 at president@stpcvta.org.

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