Stuy Town flea market will return with designated space for artists on April 21

At this year’s flea market, sellers will only be located inside playgrounds. (Pictured) Vendors at Stuy Town’s Playground 11 at the 2017 event

By Sabina Mollot

On Friday, Stuyvesant Town management announced that the flea market, which returned last year after a hiatus of over a decade, will take place this year on Saturday, April 21.

In an email to residents, a few changes to the way the market is set up were mentioned. For one thing, instead of circling the Oval and sprawling out into the loop roads, with playgrounds included, this year, the market will only take place inside three playgrounds.

Asked about this, General Manager Rick Hayduk said this isn’t to limit the number of participants. (Last year, there were over 500.) Rather, management is confident the same if not more vendors will be able to fit this way.

The new layout may also improve visibility for vendors who may have otherwise been stationed on the outskirts of the event. (A few vendors in the playgrounds and on the loops furthest from the Oval told Town & Village last year they suspected they were getting less foot traffic.)

Playgrounds 9 and 11 will be for traditional flea market sellers (with advance signup notice for seniors so they can secure spots closer to their buildings). Playground 10 will be reserved for resident artists and artisans who will be allowed to sell commercial items related to their craft that might not normally be allowed at the flea. In the email, management said the new “Artists Village” was in response to demand from residents.

As part of StuyTown Property Services’ “Good Neighbors” campaign, there will also be “Civic Row,” a selection of locally based organizations with informational booths located on the north side of the Oval connecting Playgrounds 9 and 11. A few include the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association, the Peter Stuyvesant Little League and Solar One. Additionally, 5 Stuy Café will sell food and drinks at two stations in addition to the café itself.

The event will take place from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. with the rain date the following day, Sunday, April 22.

As always, only residents will be permitted to sell, with registration beginning Friday, March 23 and running through Wednesday, April 11 at 5 p.m. Registration may be done online through a link to an Eventbrite page that will be emailed on March 23 or in person at Resident Services, 276 First Avenue Loop or the 22nd Street and First Avenue kiosk. For seniors 65 and up only, a management representative will be at the Stuyvesant Town Community Center at 449 East 14th Street on March 21 and 22 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. to assist with registration.

Last year’s flea market took place on an unusually warm and sunny spring day, attracting thousands of people. It was more limited than in years past in terms of what sellers could offer with the fear of bedbugs behind management’s insistence on there being no clothes, bags or furniture.

Questions about the market can be addressed to

3 thoughts on “Stuy Town flea market will return with designated space for artists on April 21

  1. Let’s all be hopeful that the Tenants Association does not dig in its heels against “commercial activity” and seek a complete and total ban on the Flea Market, the way the committee sought to terminate the Farmers Market.

    The Stuyvesant Town Farmers Market is a true blessing for so many residents seeking high quality fruits and vegetables. It’s wonderful that so many tenants have spoken up in support of it, and that Tenants Association has finally decided to reverse its earlier opposition.

    M. Steinmetz
    Long-time ST-PCV Resident

  2. Merrill—
    You may be confusing the TA’s objection to the commercialization of the Oval with the flea market, which the TA has never objected to. In fact, the TA advocated for its return with the property’s new owner.

    The TA was never against the Greenmarket per se; we were concerned that its siting was inappropriate since the Oval is not zoned for commercial uses—that’s a protection against development on it. Noncommercial use of the Oval was confirmed by a letter from the City Planning Commission when, through Council Member Dan Garodnick, we sought their opinion on the subject.

    There was also the issue of trucks selling food (coffee, etc.) on the Oval. Their noise, as well as their noxious fumes from idling on early Sunday mornings, had upset many residents living around Playground 12.

    The City Planning Commission said in brief:
    While commercial-use green markets would be prohibited, community-supported agriculture (CSA) would not be (the STPCV Greenmarket is CSA).
    Food trucks would be allowed only on commercially zoned portions of the property.

    As a result of our advocacy, we were able to eliminate the produce trucks from driving up to the Oval, and the idling food trucks could no longer park in the Oval.

    Furthermore, any commercial uses in the Oval must be restricted to residents and their guests.

    As I said, the TA has no objection to the flea market, and we hope this year’s is as big a success as last year’s.

    Susan Steinberg
    Stuyvesant Town–Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association

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