TenantsPAC, on Cynthia Nixon for governor, says: Anyone but Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon

Update: Cynthia Nixon has announced that she is officially a candidate for governor.

By Sabina Mollot

Recently, actress Cynthia Nixon spoke with experts about a possible run for governor, according to numerous published reports. It’s also been reported that Governor Andrew Cuomo has since slammed the potential candidate as not being serious, figuring the move must have been orchestrated by his old adversary, Mayor Bill de Blasio, who Nixon has been a supporter of.

We reached out to TenantsPAC to see how the organization would feel about a Governor Nixon, and the response, from spokesperson and treasurer Mike McKee was not a surprise.

“I’m ABC,” said McKee, the acronym for which naturally stands for “anyone but Cuomo.”

“He’s been a complete failure on tenants’ rights and has failed to pass fundamental protections even though he gives lip service,” said McKee. “Actions speak louder than words.”

Additionally, he said he is taking the “Sex and the City” alum seriously, since he’s familiar with her history of advocacy and activism for equality in education.

“I saw her get arrested once in a civil disobedience protest at City Hall 10 years ago,” he said.

“I think the fact that Andrew Cuomo would make fun of her is disgraceful. Like she’s some kind of bimbo. She is not a dilettante.”

While no candidate or potential one has yet asked TenantsPAC for an endorsement, McKee said the group would welcome the opportunity to speak with Nixon or Stephanie Miner. Miner is the former mayor of Syracuse, who has expressed interest in challenging Cuomo in a primary.

Town & Village asked Nixon for an interview via her Twitter account, but did not hear back.

In related news, TenantsPAC has endorsed Jumaane Williams, the Brooklyn City Council member hoping to become the next lieutenant governor.

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