Thieves taking entire carts from mail carriers

By Sabina Mollot

No longer content with swiping mail and packages from building lobbies, some thieves are brazenly stealing entire carts full of mail as postal carriers make their rounds in Manhattan.

Police say that the thieves are specifically looking for checks, money orders and credit cards.

A story in The New York Post on Sunday reported that 19 incidents have occurred in the borough since last summer, with the thieves wearing postal uniforms and waiting for carriers to get distracted before making their moves in broad daylight.

A couple of the incidents took place in Union Square. On January 26 in front of 18 East 16th Street at 1:40 p.m., the mailman was delivering mail and when he returned to his cart, it was gone. The same thing happened four days later at 140 East 17th Street at 4 p.m. The Post reported similar incidents have taken place in Murray Hill and on the Upper East Side.

Cops have also been warning consumers about thefts perpetrated by mailbox fishing, in which thieves will reel out mail from mailboxes using a stick and glue. Police told Town & Village this type of crime has spiked in Upper Manhattan, The Bronx and Queens.

2 thoughts on “Thieves taking entire carts from mail carriers

  1. Maybe legitimate postal workers should have a “color of the day”, the same as NYPD undercovers use to identify themselves to uniformed police.

    The color could be made known to NYPD and US Postal Police and those not having the proper color displayed could be asked for ID. Those who cannot could be arrested.

  2. Maybe postal workers should not leave their carts unattended while they go into buildings. I have seen postal workers go into Associated and leave the cart unattended outside. Very easy for someone to swipe a load of mail and take-off. Unattended postal carts, overflowing with mail, are quite a usual sight in New York.

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