Easter egg hunt gets an early start in Stuyvesant Town

Photos by Maria Rocha-Buschel

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

The snow held off for Easter Sunday but the enthusiasm of young Stuy Town and Peter Cooper residents couldn’t be contained during the egg hunt on the Oval, prompting management to send out an apology Monday morning because the hunt started earlier than scheduled, causing some families to miss out.

Moms on a local Facebook group complained they arrived to the hunt on time and were disappointed to learn that it was already over.

The email included an apology from general manager Rick Hayduk, who noted that management attempted to avoid this very problem by segmenting the hunt into specific age groups but a miscommunication resulted in the older kids starting the hunt before the scheduled time.

“A great lesson has been learned and appropriate measures will be taken ensuring this will not happen again,” he said.

Kelly Vohs, chief operating officer for StuyTown Property Services, said that management also downsized the activities for the Easter holiday, which he said was based on feedback from parents as well as plans to hold additional spring events in the coming weeks.

“We wanted to reduce the volume because the chaos is just too much,” he said. “This is just a simple Easter egg hunt and we’re going to spread other events out later.”

That said, in keeping with community tradition, the event also included a visit from the Easter Bunny. Kids also got a chance to pet a live bunny and egg hunters who found golden eggs got to take home plush bunny toys.

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