Letters to the editor, Apr. 19

Cartoon by Jim Meadows


I’ve been waiting half an hour at E 14th and B
but some buses are arriving now. I count three.
I take the first bus because the others hang behind
and although it’s somewhat crowded, no one seems to mind.
I even find an empty seat to rest my happy rear
but when this girl gets on the bus, my heart is filled with fear.
With an iPhone in her left hand and hot coffee in her right,
this wobbly girl stands over me. It turns my fear to fright.
I’m worried that this bus will lurch and she will spill her drink
all over me and I’ll get burned while she will barely blink.
Luckily my stop is near, but when I rise to leave,
I almost have an accident which no one could believe:
I slip on a banana peel. But while falling to the floor
A man reaches out and saves me, then he helps me to the door.
The driver seems robotic; he’s oblivious to all:
the smelly foods, obstructive walkers or my recent fall.
I finally leave this “Bustaurant.” I’m happily on my way!
Thank God I have no further need of the MTA today!

John Cappelletti, ST

Help make the future plastic-free

Can we do better to resist plastic?

The answer is not only “Yes, we can,” it is “Yes, we must!” Plastic pollutes and kills. Earth Month, April, should inspire us to do better.

The statistics are overwhelming.  Here are just three examples: 1) 500 billion bags are used worldwide and more than one billion bags are used every minute; 2) it takes 500 to 1,000 years for plastic to degrade; 3) one million sea birds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans (source: Eco Watch).

Fortunately, many people, I call them pioneers, have already taken steps to resist plastic.  Are you one of them?  Among other things they do:

1) use cloth bags and reusable bottles

2) bring their own mug with them to the coffee shop or restaurant

3) support plastic bag bans

4) volunteer at beach cleanups

5) spread the word: plastic kills.

This is a good start.  But we must do much more to make an impact.  Maybe you are already a pioneer.  If not, will you commit during Earth Month to become one and resist plastic?

Irmgard C. Taylor, ST

Why should Cuomo worry?

I read T&V’s Editorial explaining why Governor Cuomo should be worried (over Ms. Nixon’s candidacy), March 22.

Given your conviction, please offer precedent. Who was the last two-term New York State Democratic incumbent Governor defeated in a party primary?

Billy Sternberg, ST

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