Elderly woman assaulted at bus stop near Stuy Town

Assault suspect

By Sabina Mollot

Cops are on the lookout for a thug who shoved an elderly woman to the ground as she sat on a bench at a bus stop at First Avenue and 14th Street.

Police said on Sunday, April 22 at 7 p.m., a man approached the 82-year-old victim and shoved her off the bench, knocking her to the ground. The woman landed on her arm and later said she had pain in her arm as a result of the assault, although she didn’t go to the hospital.

Police don’t have a description of the man although he’s been captured in some fuzzy surveillance images.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call detectives at the 13th Precinct at (212) 477-7444.


Additional surveillance photos of the suspect


2 thoughts on “Elderly woman assaulted at bus stop near Stuy Town

  1. Although this didn’t happen on the property, it is indicative of what’s going on in our neighborhood, surrounding neighborhoods, and the city as a whole. Don’t let this administration flaunt their low crime statistics, as it’s just merely that crimes are not being reported. I bet they won’t add the 3 dead bodies that floated to the surface in our rivers over the past two days to their homicide count.

    People need to be ever so vigilant to their surroundings. If you don’t feel comfortable in a situation, get out of it.

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