Letters to the editor, May 10

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Why ruin a good thing for tenants?

Re: “Epstein elected to Assembly,” T&V, Apr. 26

To the Editor,

I wish I could share everyone’s enthusiasm for Mr. Epstein’s winning our Assembly seat.

He becomes my fourth representative in fewer than 19 years.

I write because he was pitching perfect games vs. the Rent Guidelines Board.

Why do we need him in Albany?

More could be done in Albany to strengthen rent laws, but not from New York City’s delegation to the State Assembly.

It may be Mr. Epstein has the necessities to be a Democratic leader in due course. But given that’s he was doing uniquely well fighting the Rent Guideline’s board, I wouldn’t have moved him to where he won’t be able to do as much.

Billy Sternberg, ST

Voters should make our planet priority

To the editor,

A new year, a new president, and a new awareness that our planet and ourselves are in deep trouble. People are asking, “How did we get into this mess and, more importantly, how do we get out of it?”

Now that we are awakening to the hard reality, that if we humans keep on exploiting the non-renewable resources of the one planet that appears to favor life as we know it, we have a choice – to change our unsustainable ways of living or to bequeath to those who come after us a despoiled Earth whose inability to support life breeds war over the very resources that support life – water, food, air, and energy.

There is a growing awareness that the Earth is not just a resource for humans with its value to be measured only in its gross national product. In 1982, the United Nations General Assembly passed the World Charter for Nature, which, like the Declaration of Human Rights, sets a sound ethical standard on which individuals and governments can build a sustainable world. Industry and Commerce are presently vying to see who can be the “greenest.” There are new initiatives like Solar 2, “green “jobs and alternative energy entrepreneurs like the one putting solar panels on all our roofs from East 14th Street to East 23rd Street and from First Avenue to the East River where the park is being prepared for the next Hurricane Sandy-like storm.

We have a mid-term election coming up in November and it is essential that we have another chance to right the wrongs of the past. To achieve this, we need a new consciousness that will inspire us to take the necessary and sometimes painful steps to a new relationship to the planet, our fellow humans, and the larger Earth community.  If we want positive change to happen, we have to get out and vote our conscience. We can take heart that our generation can begin to write the next chapter of Earth’s story.

Yours for a peaceful planet,

Joy Garland, ST

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