Letters to the editor, May 31

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Creeped out by all the critters

I am one of the very privileged to own the title, “Stuy Town lifer.” And what a true blessing it is to live in this great place. I love it! And how wonderful and surprising, in this day and age, to see it getting better and better in so many ways. The ever-increasing beautification is most impressive to me and wholeheartedly welcome Stuy Town’s new self-proclaimed designation — “the oasis.”

I truly feel that breath of fresh air every time I turn the corner at 14th Street and Avenue A.

My favorite spot for reading or meditating is on the benches outside my building alongside Playground 12. The tree-shaded view of the Oval and the kids in the playground are idyllic.

But only for a short moment until the onslaught of squirrels and pigeons. The emboldened rodents are relentless in their jumping on the bench and crawling at my feet. (Think Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”)

I keep trying to shoo them away to no avail. They eventually win and I have to search for another bench. And then it starts all over again. I must sadly and forlornly relinquish my moment of peace and tranquility in the oasis.

I love St. Francis of Assisi (patron saint of nature and animals) and I love animals, too. But squirrels and pigeons are an aberration of the animal species brought on by urban blight and they are overwhelming our Stuy Town oasis!

Please stop the feeding! And put up some signs as they do in most of our public parks, Central Park included.

Thank you.

Barnaby Miles, ST

Playground neighbors have rights

Re: “Residents concerned about trees and organized play at Playground 1,” T&V, May 17

What a powerful and on point article about the Tenants Association and Stuyvesant Town residents finally standing up for their right to have a quiet, peaceful, and serene quality of life in ST/PCV, regardless of the self-serving motives of Hayduk and management. I have been writing about and petitioning for validation of the necessity to reduce the ongoing noise nuisance on Playground 11, and now it includes Playground 1.

An essential quality of life issue in any residential development is noise control and quiet. This absolutely confirms the need to have Playground 11 modified to a community garden, for reflection, quiet meditation, reading, board games, walks, sitting with your pet, conversations, etc.

ST is not a day camp, recreation facility, college athletic field or school play area. It is a residential community where the aforementioned amenities are not necessary on our residential grounds.

However, peace and quiet are an absolute necessity.

Thank you,

Stuart Levinson, ST

Only 70 years later in Stuy Town

Several days a week I drop in on an elderly neighbor to check in and catch up. Sometimes, in an effort to escape the 24-hour news cycle, we watch old episodes of “Hawaii Five-0,” which aired from the late 60s to 1980.

In one recently-viewed episode, mention was made of an appointment Detective Captain Steve McGarrett had with the governor of Hawaii to discuss gun legislation and another showed page one of a newspaper that included the words “Crisis in the Middle East.” The more things change, etc., etc.

Now, in a recent issue of T&V (May 10) I read that “This week in history” 70 years ago there were a number of letters from residents complaining about neighbors who didn’t carpet their floors.

Is it just me or can anyone else pick out which of these three, longstanding problems could easily be remedied?

Jo-Ann Polise, ST

2 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, May 31

  1. The last thing needed here is even more signs.
    Currently, existing rules and regulations are ignored by newer tenants, and (intentionally) un-enforced by Mgmt..
    Rest assured, Mr. Miles, that Rick H. actually ENJOYS your unease at all the local vermin–his only wish is that all “lifers” depart his Carnival Cruise Community (one way or another); the sooner, the better.
    Rick’s also not bothered the least that Bernie Goetz (Manhattan’s biggest Squirrel Lover/Feeder) is a frequent visitor here, even though he’s not the “guest” of any tenant. In fact, probably hundreds of people who don’t legally belong here are already present (including overnight and longer).
    Sadly, STPCV is no longer an “oasis.”

  2. You want a community garden in playground 11? You see what management has done with our current community grassy area (the oval)? They’ve turned it into a nightly nuisance for people living adjacent to it. Be careful what you wish for!

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