More ACS teens charged with robbery

Administration for Children’s Services facility in Kips Bay (Photo via Google Maps)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Another group of teenagers living at the Administration for Children’s Services building on First Avenue has been arrested for a violent robbery in the neighborhood, following multiple robberies the week before that were reported by Town & Village.

Police arrested ten teenagers for the most recent incident in Kips Bay, which took place in front of Bellevue Hospital at 462 First Avenue on Tuesday, May 29 around 2 a.m. Police said that the teens punched and kicked a man in his 30s and stole his phone.

Shortly after the incident, three of the teens were arrested at Third Avenue and East 29th Street, one was arrested at Second Avenue and East 28th Street and the fifth teen was caught at First Avenue and East 25th Street. The sixth teen was arrested inside the ACS facility later the same day at 12:30 p.m. Another teen and 18-year-old Dondre Parker were arrested inside the 13th precinct on Wednesday, May 30 at 11:35 a.m. Another teen was arrested at the precinct later that day at 4:10 p.m. The last suspect was busted at precinct on Thursday, May 31.

A lawyer for Parker could not be reached for comment and the names of the nine other teens are being withheld due to their young age.

In an unrelated incident, another teen was arrested in connection with a shoplifting incident that turned violent inside a 7-Eleven on Third Avenue. Police said that he robbed the store at 395 Third Avenue on May 21 around 11 a.m. and he was arrested for the incident inside the ACS facility at 492 First Avenue on Wednesday, May 30 at 11:34 a.m. Police did not have further information about what happened during the alleged robbery.

4 thoughts on “More ACS teens charged with robbery

  1. send them to a boot camp rehab in the wilds of Montana

    Spartan beds, wake at 5:30 am, basic healthy food, hiking, physical labor, cold showers, bed at 8 p.m. STRICT Minimum wage banked for savings after restitution to victims.

  2. As I’ve previously indicated, this article is why the residents of Stuytown and it’s playgrounds, especially Playground 11, need protection from unsavory visitors in Stuytown and it’s facilities. So, change Playground 11 into a safe, peaceful, quiet community garden, with comparable amenities, as soon as possible. Thank you.
    Stuart Levinson
    285 Ave C, #11-H

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