Search underway for source of rotten deliveries

By Sabina Mollot

Talk about a rotten neighbor.

Last week, Town & Village heard from a man who’s been getting a not-so-special delivery: spoiled food left at his door.

The longtime resident of Stuyvesant Town, who asked to be kept anonymous, said this has been happening since last November or December, a total of six times. The most recent time, last week, the person who brought the spoiled food chose to gift him with a plastic plate of old rice.

While not exactly a death threat, the man said he considers the vile move harassment and has been left wondering what the person will do next to get a rise out of him. He also doesn’t know who’s behind the stomach-churning prank.

The previous time this happened, the person left a bag of lettuce covered in schmutz — his or her second time choosing that particular food. Another time, it was a box of broken Entenmann’s donuts. Another time it was a banana.

The man said he’s reached out to management to report the incidents as they happen and at one time, there was talk about installing a camera near his door. However, he said he was later informed that wasn’t possible due to a Wi-Fi issue.

When asked for comment about the situation by T&V, Stuy Town General Manager Rick Hayduk confirmed that management has been in touch with the resident about the incidents.

“This resident is working with Public Safety to find the culprit,” Hayduk said. However, he noted, cameras don’t extend to the hallway floors, which has made the perp hard to track.

Hayduk added he isn’t aware of any similar incidents taking place since he’s been at the property.

6 thoughts on “Search underway for source of rotten deliveries

  1. Maybe they should put in cameras in all the hallways. But maybe that would be a MCI. Which I don’t think it shouldn’t be. Name anonymous

  2. Even with cameras don’t expect Sty Town Property Services to 1) catch anyone or 2) do anything if they did identify the person. They have rules but don’t do anything about people who break the rules. Call the NYPD if you want anything done. Even then you will have to fight with the NYPD to get off their asses too but legally they are bound to help you. SPS is so inept that they aren’t even capable of dealing with legitimate deliveries. Case in point, there was a delivery by Fresh Direct to my building that was left on the main floor 7 days ago. It seems the people in the apartment the delivery was for had already moved out. So, the delivery man left the package by the entry door. No one touched it for 4 days when finally someone on the main floor opened the package which had begun to stink to high heavens because there was FISH in the package. The intended recipient was apparently an apartment on the main floor so the tenant placed the bag outside the door which is when it was discovered that no one was in the apartment anymore as it was being renovated and painted. So on day 5 of the fish stinking up the whole floor and starting to waft its way through the building another tenant took it and threw it down the chute. Now the ever present pot smell is back and the rotting fish smell is gone, it’s a toss up which is better. Now on day 7 the remainder of the delivery, the non smelly stuff still sits in a box right by the entrance to the building. Imagine if someone had bad intentions and left something dangerous there…7 days later and the SPS buffoons wouldn’t have a clue. Pure incompetence is what we get with Rick, SPS and Blackstone. Thanks Garodnick, DiBlasio, Hoylman, PCVST-TA and anyone else culpable in screwing the residents of Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town.

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