Letter to the editor, June 21

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Polling place changes make no sense

The following is a letter from City Council Member Keith Powers that will be sent to all residents of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village.

Dear Neighbor:

As your new City Council Member, I wanted to inform you about a change that was made to your poll site for the upcoming elections. If you live in 330 1st Avenue, 400 E 20th Street, 410 E. 20th Street, 430 E 20th Street, 440 E. 20th Street, 442 E. 20th Street, 444 E. 20th Street, 446 E. 20th Street, 448 E. 20th Street or 450 E. 20th Street, your poll site has been changed.

The Board of Elections (BOE) has moved the voting location former poll site in Peter Cooper Village at 360 1st Avenue to the poll site currently located in Stuyvesant Town at 545 E. 14th Street for the upcoming election on Tuesday, June 26 and the subsequent elections in September and November of 2018, you will have to vote at 545 E. 14th Street.

I will be contacting the Board of Elections in an attempt to restore your polling site to its previous location. The poll site at 360 1st Avenue is still actively in use but currently only serves buildings within Peter Cooper Village.

The BOE has yet to provide an explanation for this change. I do not believe residents who live on 20th Street and 1st Avenue should have to vote on 14th Street between Avenues B and C when there are at least three poll sites that would be more convenient.

In spite of the extra effort it might take this year, I still hope you all participate in the upcoming elections. Voter turnout is critical to the function of our democracy and I will do everything I can to make voting as easy as possible.

If you have any questions about this or any other topic, please contact Ben Jacobs in my office at (212) 818-0580.


Keith Powers, Council Member

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