Editorial: The voters have spoken

On June 26, New Yorkers cast their votes in a primary that was more eventful than usual due to a handful of upstart Congressional candidates who’d fought hard to unseat veteran lawmakers.

One, who identifies as socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, even managed to upset Rep. Joe Crowley, a Democrat representing a district in the Bronx and Queens.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, 25-year congress member Carolyn Maloney managed to hold on to her seat with wide margins, though not as overwhelmingly wide as usual.

Like with the Crowley race, Maloney’s opponent Suraj Patel tried to paint the incumbent as an establishment politician, out of touch with younger members of the Democrat Party. Ultimately voters in the 12th Congressional District either didn’t agree or didn’t care and re-elected her.

Town & Village has endorsed Maloney, because we believe she’s earned it due to her record of voting in a way that’s consistent with constituent values and concerns and sticking to her guns on women’s rights, tenant rights, consumer rights, straphangers’ needs and gun control.

However, we also have to hand it to Patel for doing what he set out to do, which is inspire people who don’t normally vote to do so. If he can resist the urge to swipe right and spam the millennial voters he hopes to court on dating apps while using stock photos, he just may have a future in politics.

Your tax dollars hard at work

Slightly off topic, we would now like the gripe about the pointless waste of taxpayer money caused by having the congressional primary and state legislature primary on two different days.

Why can’t they be rolled into one? Along with saving money, it would boost voting rates since more candidates on the ballot create a greater incentive for voters to get out there.

This area’s elected officials have been aware of this issue for a while and say they don’t like it, so if they want voters’ support in November and the September primary, perhaps they could do something about it, already?

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