Construction worker injured in fall at Asser Levy Center

July12 Asser Levy rescue

Rescue in progress at Asser Levy Center

By Sabina Mollot

A construction worker was injured after falling at the Asser Levy Recreation Center on Thursday morning and taken to Bellevue Hospital.

The fall happened at about 8:30 a.m. and The Department of Buildings later issued a partial stop work order at the site.

Notes in the stop work order said the worker fell two stories from the roof to the sidewalk, sustaining “moderate injuries,” citing an Office of Emergency Management report. However, a spokesperson for the DOB told Town & Village the fall was from a second level of a supported scaffold to the base of the scaffold. A complaint entered on the DOB site said the worker fell 10-15 feet and had pain in his shoulder and was unable to move.

A spokesperson for the department said the workers were doing minor façade repairs, which don’t require a permit.

A spokesperson for the Parks Department, which owns the building at East 23rd Street and Asser Levy Place, said along with the façade work, there are also ongoing roof repairs. The worker who was injured was working on the façade. The rep added that the cause of the accident isn’t known.

The DOB complaint said the work site was issued violations for “failure to safeguard” and was missing a complete guard rail system with the scaffolding not enclosed. The spokesperson said that several violations were issued, also because the scaffold was not code compliant.

A representative for the FDNY, a first responder, said the construction worker received some medical care at the scene before being “packaged,” stabilized onto a backboard and lowered onto the ground into a stretcher and sent off to the hospital in stable condition.

Update July 8 at 8 a.m.: Two residents of Peter Cooper Village who witnessed the incident reached out to Town & Village, saying based on the rescue, it didn’t look like the construction worker would survive. One of the witnesses, who asked to remain anonymous, took the photo of the worker being lowered to the ground by firefighters using a pulley system.

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  1. “The spokesperson said that several violations were issued, also because the scaffold was not code compliant.” And? Was the work stopped because of these violations?

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