Letters to the editor, July 19

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Immigration debate all of a sudden

Re: “Politics & Tidbits: Greats of Cooperstown,” T&V, July 12 

Steve Sanders wrote that one of the reasons he liked his visit to Cooperstown, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame was because of the protest he saw against Trump’s separation of babies from their parents.

Children have been separated from their parents since the first parent in the United States was put in prison hundreds of years ago.  Why have we not heard protests against this by the Democrats until Trump started enforcing immigration law?

What is the solution proposed by the Democrats, to keep both children and their parents in detention? That is against the law. The solution of the Democrats is not to detain the immigrants at all and to let gangs such as MS-13, hostile terrorists and foreign disease invade our country unchecked.

Like Mr. Sanders, I too visited the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown this summer. I was struck by the diversity of ethnic backgrounds of the players there. A large number of the immigrant parents of those baseball players were screened at Ellis Island. No one at the time questioned the necessity of screening immigrants. Since then, there has been a growing realization that recent immigrants from South America tend to vote Democrat.

Could the brouhaha about screening illegal immigrants be politically motivated? President Trump signed an executive order keeping illegal immigrant families together.

Could the reason Mr. Sanders accuses President Trump of separating babies despite this executive order be politically motivated?

Gamaliel Isaac, ST

Why Mee is for me

I admit to giving Mee Noodles a hard time in the past (in this column).

I was vexed when I got home with my chicken dish. There was no soy sauce. I called them to find out if, perhaps, because of plastic waste, they now only give out sauce packets upon request.

She screamed at me to ask where I live. I told her you don’t have to have anyone deliver soy sauce special, but I think it’s fantastic that you offer to do so. I submit that delivering soy sauce packets is far and above the call of duty.

Congratulations to Mee Noodles for raising the bar.

Billy Sternberg, ST

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