Letters to the editor, July 26

July26 Toon Puppet

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Lost in Stuyvesant Town

On Friday I wound up cancelling a pickup from a car service because, after I waited a half hour in front of my building, they still did not appear. It turns out that the driver had been looking on 20th Street and could not find the address although I had told the dispatcher to use the First Avenue Loop Road.

Some drivers apparently don’t know there is such a street.

This is serious, although not as serious as the day EMS could not find me.  (Eventually they did but they wasted valuable time trying to locate the wrong entrance.)

In the future I’ll have to give my building number on East 18th Street. It’s not correct but they’ll probably find it faster.

Don Murray, ST

The subway is going to the dogs

I applaud the article in the Metro paper July 19-22 that the MTA tells commuters to call 911 if they see dogs riding on the subway. There is an increase in dogs riding on an already overcrowded subway. It is illegal to have a dog outside of a carrier on the train with the exception of service animals that must be on a harness or on a leach. A good policy to follow is if you see something, say something. You should report problem dogs or anything else that’s out of the usual scope of New York City weirdness to 911 or call it out on social media.

Adrienne Cosner, ST

One thought on “Letters to the editor, July 26

  1. We are living in Cyber-age, still , known as the “World’s Capital” is the same like 100 years ago.In my opinion, New York needs a total reform, a total transformation, like the sophisticated cities of Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc. To make this happen, the Citizens of New York have to wake up and cast their votes in the coming Election and choose the right candidates who are willing to make New York Great Again! By simply writing, or giving promises, it won’t happen.It is time to change the politicians and law makers who made our Cities, counties, and states deplorable.

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