Letters to the editor, Aug. 9

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Thinking like a New Yorker

Regarding Town & Village’s question from July 26, Do thoughts of crime affect your daily routine and do you avoid certain streets or going out at certain times?

I don’t think of crime geographically; I can’t name any specific areas I avoid, fearing for my personal safety. As a teacher, I’ve traveled all over Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn and I’ve developed confidence about my bearings and familiarity with the variety of neighborhoods my students come from. I am more conscious of situations and the possibility of interaction and communication.

Twelve years ago, I was badly beaten by a group of gang members only two blocks from Stuy Town; the police later told me I was one victim of a serial attack, most likely part of an initiation routine.

Ever since then, my awareness (my version of “spider-sense” if you will) is focused on the movement of people: are there people behind me? are there people keeping pace with me? Where would I go if I felt someone was threatening me? Is there someone who could be a possible witness or someone I could call out to? I think not in terms of defense but about ways of escape.

I don’t want to hurt or confront anyone; I want to defuse any dangerous situation, and keep thinking like a Buddhist.

Jim Pratzon, ST

Stuy Cove landing ahoy

To the Editor:

I’m really excited about the start of NYC Ferry service at Stuyvesant Cove landing, because this new Lower East Side route along the East River fills an important north-south transportation vacuum. Residents (who live a mile east of Union Square) have long been deprived of their promised Second Ave. Subway (the Third Avenue El closed 63 years ago, and more recently they lost a very skeletal express bus service to the financial district). So, they pushed hard through Manhattan Community Board 6 (of which I am a member) and their elected officials to have this stop included in the city’s ferry service expansion plans.

I plan to ride these comfortable, swift (and popular) ferryboats – a lot.

Sincerely yours,

Lawrence Scheyer, Esq., ST

Looking back

Re: “Local Historic Profile: Harriet Quimby, pioneer aviator,” T&V, July 26

Wonderful article on a woman I never heard of, Harriet Quimby. Sabina Mollot’s illustration is wonderful! It looks like she is a multi-talented person, not unlike Harriet Quimby!

Barbara Zapson, ST

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