Letters to the editor, Aug. 30

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A helping hand from a distance

Re: “To feed or not to feed the squirrels,” T&V, Aug. 16

Dear Sir,

Like the majority of Stuyvesant Town residents, I too received the questionnaire about the squirrels. I was perplexed that it has come to that: current residents having to decide how they feel about the squirrels, which have been around Stuyvesant Town long before any of the current humans, and thus decide their fate! To cut a long story short, in the comments section of the questionnaire, I expressed my additional views and suggestions, which happen to almost completely coincide with those of Katherine Compitus, somebody who clearly knows a thing or two about wildlife, as expressed in your article of August 16, 2018.

 She makes many excellent points about the issue, the most important being that management should install its own squirrel feeders in the property, out of the way of people. I am afraid that one key issue that has been overlooked in all this, is the fact that there would be no need for residents to feed squirrels had Tishman Speyer and now the current management, not cut down perfectly healthy and mature oak trees which have always provided plenty of acorns, the natural food for squirrels.

 The photograph of a squirrel inside a garbage can was the most depressing and unnatural thing in this debate. Squirrels do not rummage in garbage by nature, unless hungry. Nor do they eat bread, which I have seen them eating, if there are acorns or nuts around for them. And most importantly, they are wild animals. Not to be petted, or fed by hand, or taken cute photos with. By nature they would stay away from people unless invited to get close. Throwing food on the ground is a perfect way to feed them.

Last but not least, parents, who seem to be the most exercised about the squirrels, should see the presence of squirrels (and pigeons and turtle doves and hawks) in the property as an opportunity for their children to see animals in their natural state.  If that involves installing some sense of discipline so that children understand that not all is accessible and permissible to them, so be it.

Also, if this involves not having the children eating while in the playground, so much the better. A good snack after some time spent while playing and expending energy should be the best reward for time well spent with their friends.


Anna Theofilopoulou, ST

Credentials needed in AG race

Dear Editor,

During my career, before applying for a job, I obtained necessary credentials required to qualify for the job.

Have times changed? I know New Yorkers are transfixed on the convictions and the anticipation of future indictments of Man 45 cohorts. However, I also care about why there is no mention of candidate Zephyr Teachout’s credentials or lack there of… who still has not been admitted to the NY Bar. I find this offensive!

And yes, I am a Tish James supporter for the next New York Attorney General.


Michelle D. Winfield,
State Committeewoman, 74th A. D.

Handicapping the primary

To the editor:

Re: “Local Week in Review,” T&V, Aug. 23

I read T&V’s report that Assembly member Epstein endorsed the actor, Ms. Cynthia Nixon for Governor, and she endorsed him for Assembly.

All this Democrat could think of was Final Jeopardy:

The first NY State Assembly member — just won by special election — to endorse the primary opponent of their party’s two term incumbent governor when, only weeks before the primary, the opponent was “down by as much as 30 points in the polls.”

Who is our new guy, Ocasio Cortez-Epstein, Alex?

Billy Sternberg, ST

Welcome, NYC Ferry

At the time  Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village were built (70 years ago) there was a working waterfront.

Now, with the inauguration of NYC Ferry service, the waterfront is working for us, again.

Lawrence Scheyer, ST

7 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Aug. 30

  1. Let’s use a little bit of logic here, not sympathy. Don’t blame ‘Management’ for cutting down trees when PCVST residents have been feeding squirrels for decades. These are wild animals – let nature take its course. And maybe you’ll stop feeding the rats as well. WE are not obligated nor equipped to care for wild creatures in our midst.

    • It was cruel for Mgmt cut down the oak trees. So yes now we all feed them. In my bldg we have one apt from every floor who takes responsibility to feed since the trees were cut down.

      • Which volunteers clean up the excess so as not to attract rats and other disgusting vermin? Or do they not notice the Black boxes against the buildings and in the laundry rooms? These are wild animals, not pets.

  2. I agree. I doubt that the feeding of the squirrels is something new here.

    And it’s ridiculous to think not having children eat on the playground would do anything. Especially since children and others also eat on the benches, on the oval grass, and outdoors at the cafe.

    You’d rather ban all outdoor eating property wide but continue to feed squirrels and rats by throwing food on the ground? Isn’t this also the definition of littering ?

    We have dogs and birds to add joy already..

    And children need to eat esp multiple ages at different times.. that’s a lot to ask of them.. to not get their needs met so squirrels can be the priority??

    People who like squirrels more than people
    should move to the country, as well as explore the lack of concern for children and people in therapy..

    And will she also be ok with rent, etc going up to feed these squirrels, which won’t be free?

    And I also couldn’t help but notice the lack of suggestions by these squirrel fanatics to care enough to feed the desperately hungry humans in our city.. many are also children. Food insecure people live in NYC, in high numbers but squirrels get the food resources and budget??

    • What a ridiculous response. Children and squirrels have co-existed for all the years PCVST has existed. Why is it that the current generation of parent can’t handle that? Millennials fail at everything. Thank goodness the generations that follow seem to be capable.

      • Parents are too busy on social media. They let their bratty kids do whatever they want such as drawing on the walls in common areas.

      • Agreed. Maybe Sam needs to get off her phone and instead of posting this ridiculously long post, watch her kid. And maybe if she weren’t so busy on her phone, her kid would know how to stomp a squirrel away, like the generations before have.

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