Letters to the Editor, Sept. 6

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Back when no one hated squirrels

Re: “To feed or not to feed the squirrels,” T&V, Aug. 16

My response to the squirrel dilemma would probably exceed, in length, your article.

I am appalled. The squirrels are part of our community and I would be horrified if a decision was made that they be evicted. I have never been made aware of any instances of aggression. We lived, and do, in harmony.

However, as a pediatric nurse practitioner, and even if I weren’t, I am very concerned about the current parenting of children; not commenting on all parents.

Cell phone/social media obsession, failure to interact with the child/monitor the activities/safety of the child.

My 21-year-old son grew up in Playground 8. So many friends. We watched our own and everyone else’s child, that they not be injured; not because the squirrels were going to “attack” them. A few parents carried cell phones, only to send and receive messages.

The children did not even think of feeding the squirrels. Most often it was the older population feeding the squirrels. Generation X? I don’t think so.

One day there was a squirrel in my son’s stroller (another parent was watching him). I stood back, the squirrel saw me, jumped out and ran away. End of story.

On the most recent case I can only speculate. How close was the mother to the stroller? How did she react? Verbally? Body language? Sounds as if the squirrel was terrified and tried to escape.

Did the squirrel intend to scratch the child? A squirrel cannot make a decision such as this. Therefore not an assault. And how many reported squirrel attacks in ST history? And, sad to say, the squirrel population has greatly decreased.

In conclusion, I do not believe that any residents or visitors feed the squirrels. That is a ST decision. I want to see the squirrels and will be way sad if I don’t. They are uplifting. If it means anything to anyone, I went to Africa on safari six years ago, incredible.

At a rehab center I was bitten by a vulture.

Five minutes later I hugged a teen with a school group. And I am not dead yet.

Geraldine Walsh, ST

Why I’m with Epstein and Nixon

Dear Editor,

I am pumped to be represented by Harvey Epstein in the Assembly and to have the chance to have Cynthia Nixon in the governor’s mansion.  Harvey’s advocacy for tenants and communities has been pitch-perfect for over two decades and we are lucky to have him.

Nixon’s advocacy on public education — and her willingness to get arrested over it — impressed me years ago. Now she has coupled that moxie with an aggressive pro-tenant platform (Andrew — where have you been?), glorious anti-corruption measures (Andrew — hello? Andrew?), funding a modern subway (Andrew — man up and have the state pay its share!) and more. Nixon gets my vote over all blow, all show, Cuomo in a New York minute.

Let Andrew dance with his big corporate and landlord donors. Nixon is showing us how a governor “for the many, not the few” would look. Go, Harvey and go, Cynthia.

Marina Metalios, ST

A ferr-ly good experience

About NYC Ferry:

I tried it out on the first day; I got the 7:52 boat at Stuyvesant Cove to Wall Street.  We got there at about 8:13.

I noticed the dock seemed sort of deserted and wondered if it had not been broadcast enough – I just learned it was today from watching NY1 before I left the house.

I was dismayed to learn the ticket machines won’t accept MetroCards; one has to pay cash or with plastic. I guess these ferries may only be temporary while the L train is out. It was a pleasant ride, though.

Charles-Adrian O’Connor, ST

4 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Sept. 6

  1. Can we put to rest the damn squirrel debate??? Squirrels are a part of our community, and they shouldn’t be going anywhere. However, that does not mean we need to feed them. End of story.

    We should be more concerned about our new pals – rodents and bedbugs. I would say rodent infestation is at its worst ever. Take a walk through the oval at night, with the overflowing garbage cans of food from our nightly “amenities.” And mattresses galore = bedbugs galore. I’m honesty scared to know the true number of bedbug infestations on this property.

    People praise Rick for responding to emails and being a good “yes”man, but this place is in absolute shambles. People need to look up from their phones every now and then and soak in the absolute mess that is PCVST.

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