Citi Bike seeking larger storage space

City Council Member Keith Powers, pictured with representatives from Citi Bike, helped facilitate the arrival of two valet stations in Stuyvesant Town. (Photo courtesy of Council Member Keith Powers)

By Sabina Mollot

As Town & Village reported last month, two new Citi Bike valet stations have arrived at Stuyvesant Town. Together, the two docks, one on First Avenue and 16th Street and the other on East 20th Street, increased the number of bikes available to residents by 160.

The new bikes came at the request of Council Member Keith Powers, who’d been hearing from residents that there were never any bikes at the docks in the morning.

As it turns out, this may be due in part to the fact that a space in Stuyvesant Town that was leased to Citi Bike for the storage of about 500 bikes, was reutilized to become a new gym. Since then, Citi Bike has leased a smaller space on the property, but according to Rick Hayduk, general manager of Stuyvesant Town, management is trying to find a larger space onsite for the bikes’ storage, possibly on Avenue C.

Hayduk added that the gym’s space was needed on East 14th Street because of demand for a gym from residents on that side of the complex, but management also recognizes that with the L train shutdown looming, residents are also going to be in need of the option to bike to work.

One resident on East 20th Street told us last week the valet station has helped but that mornings after 9 a.m. are still a difficult time to guarantee a bike will be available.

6 thoughts on “Citi Bike seeking larger storage space

  1. Boo-hoo. What do you expect for $14 a month? Bikes to magically appear whenever you need one? Entitled much?

    If Citiots want more bikes, let them pony up more cash to pay for them.

    • 65% white males in their 30’s …of course their entitled…only 1/3 of whom vote…smart move for a guy who is quickly alienating all voters in PCVST!!!

      • Don’t you know, these are the real problems facing this community! Who cares about the filth, the noise, the crime? Not I! Just get us more Citibikes.

        And for those of you who think crime is not happening here, take your blinders off. Citizen app exposes all the crime taking place here, and while not out of control, it’s there.

  2. Powers made an absolute obnoxious nuisance of himself when he was running for office. It bordered on harassment. He should put the same amount of energy into dealing the problems of filth, noise and crime that Steve speaks of. We don’t need more Citibikes, but we do need the quality of life issues to be addressed and dealt with. Unfortunately, Powers was a board member of the now virtually defunct Tenants Association, so I’m not holding out much hope. If he ever comes to life on behalf of the tenants who bemoan the slumification of the property by Blackstone, it will only be if and and when he runs for office again. We will remember, Keith!

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