Letters to the editor, Sept. 20

Sept20 Toon Cuomo deluge

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More bikes than ever so why none left?

Re: “Two Citi Bike valet stations arrive in ST,” T&V, Aug. 30

You recently published an article about the Citi Bike racks at 20th and the FDR and First Avenue and 16th Street being made valet racks. This was great news except the rack at 20th and the FDR has been empty four of the last eight mornings I’ve gone out for a bike.

I joined Citi Bike when it first came into Manhattan. Over the last five plus years I’ve not had a bike about 95 percent of the time I’ve wanted one on weekday mornings. I’ve never understood why an area as big as PCV/ST is so underserved by Citi Bike. There are four racks now in the entire complex since the removal of the rack at 14th and B. Other areas in the city have racks every other street. Go across 13th Street and there are racks at almost every avenue.

All Citi Bike members need to call the Citi Bike customer service number and/or email to report empty racks. Also, please call Council Member Keith Powers’ office. I’ve been speaking to them since the spring. They were instrumental in getting Citi Bike to make the 20th Street and FDR rack into a valet rack. Even with the addition of the ferry stop in Stuyvesant Cove Citi Bike was only going to make the 16th and First rack a valet rack. Citi Bike’s stance was that people riding to the ferry would be leaving bikes. Anyone should know that there are not going to be nearly the amount of people leaving Manhattan in the mornings as coming in and looking for bikes.

Citi Bike has had more than five years to figure out how to properly serve our community. I’ve been told that it’s a bike share so I’m not guaranteed a bike, However, I’m almost certainly guaranteed there won’t be a bike for me most mornings when I leave. That’s just not acceptable customer service.

So please Citi Bike members, get involved!

Citi Bike customer service: (855) 245-3311
Council Member Keith Powers: (212) 818-0580

Christopher Simonetti, ST

A warm welcome home

I recently moved back to Stuy Town after many years and noticed a big change on First Avenue.

I decided I was hungry and wanted to try a new restaurant and food I’ve never eaten before. I decided on Thai food, which looked very appetizing on the menu.

I sat down and for no reason, started to talk to the lady sitting next to me. Actually it was nice to be able to speak to a friendly New Yorker. We were both on our lunch and when I asked for my check, I was totally taken back when the waiter told me this lady picked up my tab!

I was stunned. A truly nice gesture. She works at Beth Israel. Well, this hospital certainly has a gracious and lovely employee. She refused to let me pay her back and one day I will return her sweet gesture.

Thank you again, sweet lady. You made my day and brought joy into my heart.

Adrienne Monique Allard, ST

Backing of Nixon may hurt Epstein

Our newly elected, by Special Election, Assembly member, Harvey Epstein, endorsed, and received endorsement from, a primary challenger to our state’s twice-elected governor seeking a third term. Epstein’s endorser will not be running in the General Election as a Democrat.

Did endorsing the governor’s challenger hurt Mr. Epstein? Well, he won his primary. And while his majority was higher than others in some Assembly primaries, his margin of victory was lower than in many others.

But what I read in T&V’s August 30 report blew me out. Your article read, “Since taking office, Epstein has introduced a dozen pieces of legislation and co-sponsored over two hundred.” I count 24 sessions between his special election and the last session; which, if he introduced a dozen — with two passed by both houses and one signed by the governor — and co-sponsored 200 more, seems preternatural; an average of nine bills a session!

But T&V’s unknown candidate, Akshay Vaishampayan, sent a mailing graphing Mr. Epstein’s bills. None included stronger housing laws. As well, Mr. Pagan, another candidate, pointed out that Mr. Epstein was not attentive to Public Housing. Will Mr. Epstein please commit to telling us the specific legislation he will introduce?

Again, I am not pleased that Mr. Epstein left the Rent Guidelines Board. I was livid that he backed Ms. Nixon. Many Democrats I’ve spoken to agree that he was too “principled” in endorsing Ms. Nixon; that he is not going to be the governor’s favorite Assembly member and he’d better be ready for serious primary challenges every two years.

If Akshay continues to run his percent will go up. People view Mr. Epstein as the machine candidate and many machine members feel exactly as I do.

Billy Sternberg, ST

3 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Sept. 20

  1. You gotta be kidding me with the Citibikes. This “wildly sucessful” program is on it’s third ownership in four years, owes the city millions in unpaid promised compensation for lost parking revenue, and is likely deep in the red (though as a privately held company is not required to open their books).

    In fact, I don’t even see what a City councilperson has to do with it, Citibike is not a government agency. It’s like complaining to city hall that there’s not enough bread in the local supermarket.

    You’re paying $170/yr for unlimited use. That’s 46 cents a day. Instead of whining to local electeds, I’d suggest you petition Citibike’s owner/operators to raise fees, buy more bikes, hire more personnel, and maybe even pay off their debt to NYC taxpayers.

  2. Stop whining and go buy a bike! The city streets are cluttered enough with the bike racks and bike lanes! Not to mention how many times bike riders have creamed pedestrians! Or else move to Holland…

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