Police arrest man for allegedly choking woman at 14th St. diner

Second suspect, who police say choked the victim

By Sabina Mollot

Police have arrested a second suspect in connection with an incident last month when a woman was choked and beaten at Good Stuff Diner.

On Tuesday, September 11, police arrested Bobby Williams, 27, a resident of Harlem. Williams is believed by police to be the one who started choking the victim. The other suspect, Caswell Senior, 31, of Brooklyn, was arrested shortly after the incident and charged with robbery.

Williams has been charged with robbery, assault and strangulation. He also has two prior arrests, one a weapon possession charge in 2010, the other a robbery charge in 2013.

Police said that around 4:40 a.m. on Sunday, August 5, the victim, a 23-year-old woman, got into an argument with three people, two male and one female, at the diner, which is west of Sixth Avenue at 109 West 14th Street. The woman had been recording the suspects and upon seeing this, one of them tried to snatch the phone from her hand to delete the video.

One of the male suspects, later identified as Caswell, allegedly forcibly grabbed the phone, while Williams allegedly started choking the victim, police said, placing her head between his arms until she was unconscious, and then threw her to the floor.

Caswell and the female suspect then allegedly started punching the victim in the face, cutting her chin, causing her lip to swell and her mouth to bleed. After they were finished, Caswell, Williams and the woman ran from the restaurant.

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    • Possibly because other news outlets were covering this as a major story, but I don’t think T&V understands why. Caswell Senior is a rapper by the stage name Casanova. The victim recording them was a fan (or at least an amateur paparazza). They didn’t like that so they beat the crap out of her.

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