Letters to the editor, Sept. 27

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Poor planning could impact local ERs

I’ve been worried about the fact that the Sanitation Garage pushed circa 2015 is referred to by some in NYCity’s government as “on hold.” I assume that means someone will reintroduce it sometime.

For now there’s T&V’s story (Maria Rocha-Buschel’s really thorough piece on 9/6/18) about parking some garbage trucks near Bellevue.  It seems to me what needs addressing is why is the city allowing the garage at 606 West 30th Street to fall to eviction?

This is between 11th and the Westside Highway and, if it’s not inside Hudson Yard’s perimeters, it’s next to it. My suspicions are that big developer money has prevailed to push the need for garbage collection out of the shiny new Hudson Yards. How did the city let this happen even if it was under the Bloomberg administration? Is it too late to alter any of this? Are any politicians addressing this issue?

It’s not just smells, bacteria etc. It’s that if the garage is in the middle of what was always Bellevue’s property, hundreds of trucks driving in and out of 26th Street will have to impede ambulances accessing the emergency rooms on First Avenue and 24th Street (VA), 28th Street (Bellevue), 30th Street (NYU) and getting down Second Avenue to Mount Sinai/Beth Israel’s emergency room.

If this goes through, some of us who live in this part of town will needlessly die or suffer injury by not getting to ERs when it would be normal to do so. Remember ambulances have to get to us on the upper floors where we live and then back to the ERs. Garbage trucks can’t help but block getting down a street and traffic is already horrific and is unlikely to improve much even if we get congestion pricing.

I would appreciate if our neighborhood would be alert to this very questionable “planning.”

Joyce Ann Kent,
Gramercy Park

Waiting game at the new ferry stop

I have had the pleasure of trying to get to Brooklyn via the ferry at 20th Street. After 90 minutes of mostly waiting – at 20th St. and then at the Wall Street pier – I finally gave up and took a taxi. Next time, I will just catch the Brooklyn bound ferry at 34 St.

The one thing I got out of the ferry ride – aside from irritation – was notice of the fact that these commuter ferries are selling alcohol. I hadn’t realized that. The day that I took the ferry from 20th St., there was an electric billboard on the boat pushing the ferry’s Margarita Cruises. Really? Well, maybe that’s what it would take to make the subways palatable. Replace the newsstands with taco/margarita stands and let her rip.

I guess we’ll see what happens once the L is down and the 14th St. buses start running to the Cove. I am not optimistic and predict they will be buses carrying no one to the ferry that goes nowhere.

Name withheld, PCV

Hailing a local hero

Re: “Pets rescued, stores evacuated in First Avenue electrical fire,” T&V, Sept. 13

Kudos to Carole Husiak, who was a caring person as always in providing covers for the birds during the electrical fire.

Ibiza Kidz is a true community store with outreach through programs and informative classes and beautiful children’s apparel and maternity clothes. This is not a chain store as are the others along the avenue, and I hope she and her husband receive proper retribution for their losses. I cannot understand how some stores opened when the air was toxic and the food was exposed.

Best wishes to Ibiza Kidz.

Adele F. Unterberg, ST

Voters need to be registered

The following letter was written by a lifelong resident of Stuyvesant Town, who wants to remind neighbors of an important deadline for those who want to vote in the general election.

October 12th is the last day to postmark a voter registration form prior to the 2018 November midterm election.  This is a reminder for T&V readers to:

1) Register if they have not already

2) Re-register if they have moved since last they voted (even if they have moved within NYC or even within ST/PCV).

3) Re-register if they have changed their name or party affiliation since they last voted.

All the best,

Rachel Goddard, ST

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