Halloween celebrated in Stuyvesant Town

Space Cadets w kids

The Space Cadets (Photos by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

On Tuesday afternoon, Stuyvesant Town held its annual Halloween festival for children, after the event was delayed due to a storm on Saturday.

Fortunately, the weather was dry and mild on Tuesday.

“I’m glad we invested all our money in bribing Mother Nature,” joked Robert Vazquez, Stuy Town’s director of lifestyle services. “She cost a lot but it was worth it.”

This year’s event was packed as usual with costumed revelers enjoying bounce houses, an arts & crafts table, a pumpkin patch fashioned out of balloons and a corn maze. Kids also got to dance to the music of the band Space Cadets and take pictures at a display of skeletons.

While the Halloween party is a decades-old tradition, Stuy Town celebrated a couple of firsts this year, with a costume party for adults in Peter Cooper Village’s Playground 3 and the encouraging of trick-or-treating in playgrounds instead of buildings.

2 thoughts on “Halloween celebrated in Stuyvesant Town

  1. Director of Lifestyle Services. You seriously can’t make this stuff up!!

    Does this person teach new tenants how to recycle and pick up their dog poop?

    How do I apply??

    • “Director of Lifestyle Services” LOL! How about they get a “Director of Civilized Living Enforcement?” They really think they are running a goddamned stupid resort!

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