Editorial: Re-elect Maloney and Epstein

Today is Election Day, and along with the race for governor, United States senator and attorney general, locally, in the 74th Assembly District, voters will have the opportunity to choose their Assembly member and Congress member.

During the primaries, Town & Village endorsed the incumbents, Harvey Epstein and Carolyn Maloney, for these positions. (State Senator Brad Hoylman ran uncontested during the primary and will again face no opponent on November 6.)

As for the general election, we are sticking with the aforementioned candidates for their records of accomplishment and for platforms that are in line with the concerns and values of the vast majority of their constituents.

Eliot Rabin, an Upper East Side boutique owner and Republican, and Scott Hutchins, a homeless activist in the Green Party, both hope to unseat Maloney.

We liked some of Rabin’s ideas like commercial landlords working with small businesses as investors rather than gouging said businesses come lease renewal time, but have doubts about other ideas, like, say, bringing back the draft.

We liked Hutchins’ idea of investing in low-income housing instead of new shelters as a more lasting and cost effective way of getting people out of homelessness, but otherwise, he didn’t seem to have any thoughts on how to tackle district-specific issues of concern.

We don’t believe either candidate is a match for Maloney’s consciousness of needs for the district such as coastal resiliency and better transportation or her record of accomplishment in non-district related matters as well, such as improved rights for consumers and rape survivors.

Nationally, polls are showing that Democrats will retake the House, though not the Senate. This race, however, isn’t seen as being especially competitive, and isn’t expected to contribute to any shift in the Democrat/GOP ratio.

As for the race for Assembly, Harvey Epstein is facing two of the candidates who ran against him in the special election in February, the Reform Party’s Juan Pagan, retired from a career in corrections, and Republican Bryan Cooper, an event planner. Both have run for office a few times and Cooper is the vice president of the Albano Republican Club.

Both are residents of NYCHA buildings in Alphabet City and have platforms that are pro-affordable housing and improved conditions in NYCHA buildings. What’s wrong with these laudable goals? Nothing, except for the fact that Epstein cares about these issues as well and has a history, even before getting elected, of helping tenants through his work on the Rent Guidelines Board and as an attorney for the Urban Justice Center. There is simply no good reason to unseat this newly elected official before giving him more of a chance in Albany to fight for tenants.

We encourage all our readers to take the time to vote. Midterm elections are seldom sexy, but the results often have an impact on matters that affect voters’ day-to-day lives.

Find your polling place here.

2 thoughts on “Editorial: Re-elect Maloney and Epstein

    • As if Maloney’s opponent had any chance! That woman is going to die in that position, and all she will be known for is being the woman with a nice smile, because she certainly hasn’t done much else in her decades in office.

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