Letter to the editor, Nov. 8

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Voting is not a duty

Re: Letter, “State elections can impact this area,” T&V, Nov. 1

To the Editor,

The Hon. Ms. Dankberg opens her letter encouraging people to vote. As district leader, she correctly asks them to bring friends. But she contradicts herself when she signs off, thanking them in advance for doing their civic duty.

Voting is not one’s civic duty. It is a right and a privilege in our nation. What is a civic obligation, however, is jury duty. If one doesn’t vote, that’s their business. But if one skips jury duty, one could have problems.

As to voting for candidates running on the Democratic line, Hon. Dankberg is correct. But the problem is that the County Committee members, given what we have just witnessed in the primaries, and, delegates to the State Supreme Court Convention, need to get younger.

Toward that end, no leader in any district I know hosts low ticket Democratic fundraisers such as art exhibits, movie screenings, concerts, photography exhibits, etc., to raise money.

To me that’s odd. After all, I’ve heard that New York County, particularly, Downtown, has more artistic talent than any in the world.

Billy Sternberg, ST

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