Opinion: Wait til next year

By former Assemblymember Steven Sanders

The elections are mercifully over. This campaign cycle has been brutal. The mud has been splattered about like graffiti on the side of a building. We all need a break from politics!

Yet for the past month I have detected a different angst in the city, a melancholy unrelated to the fallout of the bitter partisan sniping. A pain that goes to our very core as a city. The shared love for our baseball teams.

Four weeks ago the Yankees walked off the fabled field at Yankees Stadium, losers to their perennial rival, the Red Sox from Boston. And worse still, the Red Sox went on to win their fourth World Series Championship of this century, twice as many as the Yankees. Thus wresting the title away from the Bronx Bombers as “team of the (21st) century”… at least so far.

Mayor de Blasio is ok with this revolting development, since in spite of his New York leadership position, his baseball allegiance remains with the boys from Beantown. Grounds for impeachment? If only.

But wait, as Yogi Berra said… “It ain’t over til it’s over!”

Rewind to 1918, exactly 100 years ago. The Boston Red Sox had also just won their fourth World Series of that new century the most of any club at that time. They were on top of the baseball world. The team of the century.
But Yogi was right. It wasn’t over, at least not for the Yankees. Rather it was just beginning. For after the Red Sox’s triumphant year in 1918, they never won another World Series for the rest of the century. Some say a cursed team. But no.

The Yankees were just better, way better. In the span of the next 86 years the Yankees would capture 26 titles before the Red Sox would win another, leaving them in the dust. The Yankees would win their 27th in 2009, the most in baseball or any sport.

History has repeated itself in 2018. The Red Sox are exactly where they were 100 years ago. So I say to New York baseball fans be stout and of good cheer.

Although gone are the superstars of years past, the Bambino, the Iron Horse, Joe D, Whitey, the Mick, Mariano and Jeter, the Yankees future is bright. With Aaron Judge hitting Ruthian home runs and a supporting cast of sluggers and new talented players, the new Yankees century is about to dawn… and the universe made right again.

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  1. RE: STEPHEN SANDERS COLUMN: just what part of this piece relates to us Mets fans? where is the “shared love”?

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