Robber threatens First Avenue CVS employee with needle

Robbery suspect

By Sabina Mollot

Police are looking for a man who, when caught shoplifting at the CVS store across from Stuyvesant Town, threatened an employee with a hypodermic needle.

The man strolled into the store, located at 253 First Avenue, on Wednesday, November 14 at 8 p.m. and began throwing items from the shelves into a garbage bag. When an employee confronted him in the aisle, the man pulled out the needle and told the worker to “step back.”

The man then fled with about $170 in merchandise.

The suspect, who is being sought for robbery, is described as black, in his 30s, about 5 ft. 8 ins. and 180 lbs. At the time of the incident, he was wearing a white sweatshirt, a black jogging jacket, a black skull cap and black sneakers.

4 thoughts on “Robber threatens First Avenue CVS employee with needle

  1. I have often seen shoplifters in CVS and they stroll out because they have hardly any staff there. The way the aisles are so narrow and the merchandise stacked up so high and dense, it provides adequate cover to the shady characters who stroll around it. What few employees they have are usually too busy helping customers use those self-checkout machines. I stopped shopping there because it is such an uncomfortable place to shop. One time I saw a young woman apply a full face of make up and paint her nails – all from stuff on the shelves, which she just put back when she was done! Why not? Nobody who works there is going to come round and challenge you, and their security cameras are obviously as good as those in Stuyvesant Town!

    I have never challenged any of the shoplifters I’ve seen because my life is more valuable than anything CVS sells! They could walk off with the entire store as far as I’m concerned!

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