Thirteenth Precinct cop recognized for service

Thirteenth Precinct Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector Steven Hellman, Police Officer John Considine, 13th Precinct Community Council President Frank Scala and 13th Precinct Executive Officer Ernesto Castro (Photo courtesy of the 13th precinct)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

A veteran cop at the 13th Precinct who helped roll out the recently launched community policing program was recognized for his service on Tuesday.

Police Officer John Considine, who has worked for the NYPD for the last 16 years, received the award at the monthly meeting held by the 13th precinct Community Council from Deputy Inspector Steven Hellman, the precinct’s commanding officer.

“This is for all his hard work and for helping with the NCO (Neighborhood Coordinating Officer) rollout, which was a success,” Hellman said. “He’s selfless, hardworking, committed, any good adjectives you can think of, they all describe John,” Hellman added.

Considine has been at the 13th Precinct for his entire tenure so far with the NYPD since starting on patrol in July 2002. After being on patrol, he joined the grand larceny team and later worked with the crime and crime prevention units before joining community affairs.

Regarding the recently-community policing, Hellman said that the new program was responsible for a recent drop in crime in the neighborhood.

“Grand larceny is still our biggest problem but since the program started (at the beginning of October), we’re down about 13 percent in crime overall,” he said. “It’s just slowly been going down. There haven’t been any robberies involving ACS (Administration for Children’s Services) kids lately and that was giving us a lot of trouble before.”

Hellman noted that crime has gone down about 19 percent during the last week, and has decreased about 18 percent during the last 28-day period. Crime has however increased 13.5 percent overall for the year so far. Hellman said this is primarily due to grand larceny, which includes the theft of unattended items.

One thought on “Thirteenth Precinct cop recognized for service

  1. “Crime has however increased 13.5 percent overall for the year so far.”

    Burying this at the bottom doesn’t negate it. It’s the only fact in the entire article that matters. The 13th precinct is extremely ineffective and horrible neighbors to boot. Given that their vehicles are parked (illegally) all over the area at all times of day and night it is clear that the officers are too busy hanging out at the station house to bother with fighting crime.

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