Greenway project near Waterside postponed to 2019


The bike lane outside of Waterside Plaza (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

After announcing in September that work would begin this fall on improvements to the Greenway on the East Side between Waterside Plaza and the East 34th Street Heliport, the Department of Transportation confirmed this week that it has been put on hold until next year.

A spokesperson for the DOT did not have specific details on when next year the work would begin but said that the agency expects to start work when the weather gets warmer and to complete the project by next summer.

DOT originally presented the project to Community Board 6 two years ago in November 2016 with plans for the bike lanes north of Stuyvesant Cove Park leading up to Waterside Plaza, past the United Nations International School and the Water Club, up to the heliport at East 34th Street, reconfiguring the lanes to make them more visible and separate cyclists from vehicle traffic.

Town & Village first learned that the plans were being postponed at a recent CB6 transportation committee meeting, with committee chair Sandra McKee confirming with a DOT representative present that the project will be implemented later than initially announced. McKee surmised that the reason for the further delay was that the DOT wanted to focus on plans for the L train shutdown but a spokesperson later told Town & Village that the schedule change is the result of coordination with local stakeholders that control part of the Greenway area where DOT is working to make improvements. No further information was available about any design changes to the plan since September.

When DOT announced in September that implementation would begin by the end of that month, representatives told Town & Village that the delay since the original announcement about the project in 2016 was partially due to coordination with the Water Club restaurant north of Waterside and specifically where the bike lane would be around their property.

Waterside Plaza Tenants Association President Janet Handal said that one of her concerns with the plan that DOT presented was where the bike lane was in front of the Water Club, noting that anyone walking to and from the restaurant would have to cross the bike lane, but one of the revisions since the project was first announced was to revise the design near the Water Club’s entrance. The current plan includes using a two-way Jersey barrier-protected bike lane north of the restaurant instead of having cyclists use the parking lot.

Mike Arnon, a resident of Waterside Plaza and vice president of the Waterside Tenants Association, expressed concern in September about safety issues around the entrance to the United Nations International School and Handal agreed, although she conceded that there wasn’t an easy fix.

“One of those conundrums is the crossover points at the United Nations School,” she said. “But I really don’t know what the answer to that is.”

Arnon said this week that he was in touch with DOT representatives earlier this fall about these safety issues, specifically in areas where bicyclists have to cross lanes of traffic, including near the UNIS entrance as well as the area right before the Water Club, but he said that he has not received a response yet. Representatives from DOT did not respond to a request for comment on this issue before T&V’s press time.

7 thoughts on “Greenway project near Waterside postponed to 2019

  1. How about worrying about the pedestrians for a change, not the cyclists who menace them? Until they’re controlled, no considerations should be made for scofflaws who go the wrong way, don’t observe traffic lights, etcetera. Just post a cop at the CitiBike spot on E 23rd and 1st – the cyclists pick up their bike and ride the wrong way to 1st!! NO excuse except laziness. A scant few will walk their bike to first and cross before riding in the right direction, but they’re extremely rare. Give our police some well-needed exercise in catching the lawbreakers!

    • I totally agree with what you say, Sam. Cyclists are becoming the peril of pedestrians, especially those who are not young enough and those who are not old enough to have quick reflexes and strong bones.

      • Especially now on 20th Street with the two way bike lane, it’s only a matter of time before someone steps off the curb and gets smashed by a biker. Bikers are extremely reckless, and although the numbers don’t show major problems yet, wait till e-bikes are on the road.

        • One would hope that someone would actually look before stepping off the curb and into the cycle lane, because (surprise!) that where the bikes are.

          The problem is poor design, putting segregated bike lanes at the curbside causes inevitable conflicts. The older, painted lanes that were on 20th before were much better.

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  4. One would hope that everyone, including older people, is quick enough to move out of the way of a reckless biker speeding, ignoring signals, going the WRONG way, or even riding on the sidewalk? Stop making this about the pedestrians – unfortunately, too many bikers are often at fault, giving the rest of us bad reps. Grow up and admit that someone has to stop these fools who claim to be helping the environment.

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