Man charged with going on beauty product stealing spree

The suspect allegedly stole thousands of dollars’ worth of products from different Blue Mercury stores. (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

One man’s alleged shoplifting spree throughout the last month from a high-end cosmetics store came to an end when police said they caught him stealing from a Flatiron store on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Seamus Limato, 36, was arrested inside the Blue Mercury at 695 Sixth Avenue around 2 p.m. on Black Friday last week after he allegedly tried to steal more than $1,000-worth of products from the store. Police said that Limato also tried to flee but he was caught nearby.

Limato was charged with grand larceny in connection with this incident, as well as resisting arrest after police said that he flailed his arms and legs while officers were attempting to handcuff him.

After he was arrested for the incident on Black Friday, police connected Limato to nine other thefts, primarily taking place in Blue Mercury locations throughout Manhattan. Police said that in a number of the incidents, Limato took as many as 30 different products each time, including skin creams, shampoo and other cosmetics.

Limato allegedly stole from the same location where he was arrested in an incident on Monday, November 12 at 2:30 p.m. and police said that he also stole from the Union Square location at 865 Broadway on Wednesday, November 14 at 3 p.m. In both of these incidents, Limato allegedly took more than $1,000-worth of skincare products.

Limato’s alleged spree began on Monday, November 5 when police said he took merchandise from the Blue Mercury at 420 Lexington Avenue, this time less than $1,000-worth.

Limato allegedly took items from the Blue Mercury at 404 Sixth Avenue twice, on Friday, November 9 and on Sunday, November 18, both times taking more than $1,000-worth of products.

Later in the day on Sunday around 2 p.m., Limato allegedly took products from the location at 133 Sixth Avenue.

Police said that he also stole from the 305 East 51st Street store on Thursday, November 17 and from the store at 275 Greenwich Avenue on Wednesday, November 21.

The one incident in which Limato reportedly stole from a business that wasn’t Blue Mercury was at Saks Fifth Avenue at 125 East 57th Street on Monday, August 13 around 5:35 p.m. Police said that Limato was putting items into a booster bag and when a security officer at the store attempted to stop him, he allegedly pushed the employee away and ran off. He was charged with robbery in connection with this incident because of the force allegedly used against the officer.

Limato was charged with seven additional counts of grand larceny and eight additional counts of possession of stolen property. An attorney for Limato could not be reached by T&V’s press time.

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  1. If you Google his name and click Images for the results, you’ll see not only the progression of his appearance, but that he’s been around the criminal justice system up and down the eastern coast for thefts and scams for the last several years. The pictures are oddly interesting to see.

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