Woman convicted for trying to kill baby at Waterside apartment

Waterside Plaza

By Sabina Mollot

On Tuesday, a nanny who worked for a family at Waterside Plaza was convicted of trying to kill a two-month-old infant she was watching last year.

Apparently fed up with the baby’s crying and her salary, Marianne Benjamin-Williams, 47, had shoved a baby wipe down his throat. Despite arguing that the baby’s toddler sister had done it, the jury found her guilty on all charges, including attempted murder, assault and strangulation.

It hadn’t helped her case that she’d lied about her employment history to the family she worked for, including past work and references and had doctored her IDs.

Benjamin-Williams is expected to be sentenced on January 7. According to the district attorney, she’s facing eight and one third to 25 years in prison for the attempted murder charge alone.

On May 18, 2017, Benjamin-Williams was alone with the victim and his 14-month-old sister at their family’s apartment when she forced the baby wipe down his throat. When the child began having difficulty breathing, rather than call 911, the babysitter asked the baby’s mother to do this, and the boy was taken to Bellevue Hospital. There, doctors surgically removed the eight by six-inch wipe from his throat and treated him for deep cuts to his mouth and tongue as well as a fracture in his left arm.

“Our justice system exists to protect the most vulnerable among us – to speak for them when they cannot, and to fight for them when they have been victimized in unconscionable ways,” said District Attorney Cy Vance after the court’s ruling. “When this family left their two-month-old son with Marianne Benjamin-Williams, they placed an enormous amount of trust in her ability to protect and care for their child. But the defendant proved herself to be completely undeserving of their trust – first, by lying about nearly every detail of her employment history, and then by forcing a baby wipe down their infant son’s throat in a case that amounts to every parent’s worst nightmare. Now, a jury has found the defendant guilty of attempted murder and other crimes and, thanks to the dedicated prosecutors in my office’s Child Abuse Unit, she will face significant jail time for this unspeakable conduct.”

The attorney for Benjamin-Williams, Raymond Loving, couldn’t be reached for comment by press time, but told The New York Post he was disappointed and would appeal.

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