UPDATED: Two attempted robberies on Oval

Dec7 ST Christmas security booth

Security booth at Stuyvesant Oval (pictured December 2017)

By Sabina Mollot

Stuy Town’s Public Safety department is on the lookout for two male suspects who attempted to rob an older man as well as a couple in the Oval early on New Year’s Eve morning.

A Town & Village reader alerted us that as he was walking around the Oval at around 12:30 a.m., an older man was mugged by two people. Fortunately, the victim was able to get help from a couple of other people who happened to be around. The reader noticed this happened near the security booth, which was unmanned at the time.

Asked about this, Stuy Town General Manager Rick Hayduk confirmed the incident, but said the victim wasn’t touched by the suspects.

According to Hayduk, they’d approached the man on the Oval and said, “Give us your money.” The resident refused and continued to walk away and they didn’t chase him. However, the pair then tried the same thing with a nearby couple, who also declined to turn over their money, and the would-be muggers fled empty-handed towards First Avenue.

“The first resident immediately reported it to Public Safety who canvassed the area (officers on foot and by video) to no avail,” Hayduk said, adding that the resident asked management not to call the NYPD.

Hayduk added, “The Oval booth is only occupied when the officer is seeking shelter, otherwise that officer is patrolling the Oval or the immediate vicinity.”

UPDATE: This story has been updated to reflect management’s statement that there was no physical contact between the suspects and the victim.

13 thoughts on “UPDATED: Two attempted robberies on Oval

  1. Rick has taken any and all power from a once decent security force. People should no longer feel safe here, and the fact that management will probably sponsor self-defense classes yet again is all you need to know about their continued push for you to be able to defend yourself because security isn’t going to be there to help you.

    Criminals are obviously not intimidated by this anemic “public safety” group. Powers, where are you???

    • I agree about not being safe enough here.

      It seems like every month there’s another attack or robbery or attempt..

      When will it end?

      Why not have guards in every booth- in addition to plenty patrolling around? And stopping people as well as checking to make sure that they are here legitimately ( not an Airbnb with a stuytown lanyard around their neck)..

      • I think that with increased security and also making sure they get to know the faces of residents and check those they don’t know .. it will go a long way towards keeping people who don’t belong here out. And those potential attackers will also hopefully hear about the safety enforcement- as well as private property that we have here and be deterred.

        But how is it private property if everyone ( including countless attackers) can come in?

        Lyft and AAR and Uber drivers all notice that they aren’t even checked if they have the sticker.. they can literally come in at any time and get away with it

  2. Hayduk’s response is total PR. I’m at the Oval a lot, and I can tell you PS leaves the booth during the night hours, and is not back until the later morning. During the “off” hours, I rarely see any PS officer near the booth, let alone, in it. Of course, PS did not catch the perpetrators. Canvasing? Don’t make me laugh. Another fail by Stuy Town.

    • Tell that to the following people:

      1) The girl who was sexually assaulted and almost killed in front of our security cameras for 10+ minutes.
      2) The 16 year old kid who was robbed at gunpoint in his lobby recently.
      3) The woman who was sexually accosted in the staircase of her building.
      4) The victim of the hockey stick attack on 20th Street.
      5) The victims of these attempted robberies.

      Plus we have had 4 suicides in 2018, one which put many residents lives in jeopardy.

      This community was once very safe. Now it is far from it. We have a public safety force that is very nice, but that doesn’t make this place safe, it makes it dangerous, and the criminals obviously know this.

  3. Oh, so management’s statement that there was no physical contact is supposed to make this all ok?? Are they freaking kidding?? Two attempted robberies took place feet from an unoccupied security booth and within eyesight of the main public safety office, and this is the response this management gives us? This response is a joke, just like our current public safety force.

    The time has come for this community to be policed by the NYPD. Criminals are walking into this property and robbing and assaulting our tenants at an increasingly alarming rate, and all we get are statements from Rick and community self-defense classes.

    Where the hell is our once effective TA? Powers??

    • Excellent point – even without “contact”.. this is trauma, plain and simple. And worse, trauma at home. Willing to bet this person doesn’t feel safe walking around and maybe even being anywhere near the oval.. most likely feels betrayed by the boasts about how secure and private this complex is..

  4. Being menaced is almost as terrifying as being actually attacked, especially when you know it will lead to an attack in all probability. Management is totally irresponsible to put out a statement like that. They are almost complicit.

    We have no TA, a sleazy management and our political reps are too conflicted to help us because the landlords are their constituency, not us. Look at Powers’ job history and resume and you’ll see what he really is.

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