Nanny gets 15 years for shoving baby wipe down an infant’s throat at Waterside

Waterside Plaza

By Sabina Mollot

On Monday, a nanny who was found guilty last month of trying to kill an eight-week-old boy in his family’s Waterside apartment was sentenced to 15 years behind bars.

Apparently fed up with the baby’s crying and her salary, Marianne Benjamin-Williams, 47, had shoved a baby wipe down the infant’s throat on May 18, 2017. Despite arguing that the baby’s toddler sister had done it, the jury found her guilty on all charges, including attempted murder, assault and strangulation.

It hadn’t helped her case that she’d lied about her employment history to the family she worked for, including past work and references and had doctored her IDs.

Following the sentencing, District Attorney Cyrus Vance called the former nanny’s actions “gruesome.”

“Marianne Benjamin-Williams sealed her own fate when she attempted to murder the two-month-old child left in her care in such a violent, gruesome manner,” said Vance. “But this defendant’s penchant for lying – first, to the family as she tried to gain employment and, then, on the witness stand as she blamed the victim’s infant sister – only made matters worse, exacerbating the details of this horrific case. Her crime continues to haunt the family and has left an indelible mark on their now-two-year-old son’s life. I would like to thank my office’s prosecutors for securing a significant jail sentence in this case and for ensuring that no other family suffers at the hands of this defendant.”

Town & Village was unable to reach Williams’ attorney, Raymond Loving, for comment.

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