Letters to the editor, Jan. 17

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

You don’t have to drive to hate 20th St.

Dear Editors:

Well, I’ve just about seen it all in my six decades here living in ST/PCV… mostly good, some great, some questionable, but now I have seen it all! The asinine idea by some “brainiac” in NYC government that decided to totally screw up East 20th Street between First Avenue and Avenue C!

No, I’m not a car owner that lost one of the few precious parking spaces; just a good ol’ fashioned resident that cares about his neighbors and most importantly, our safety. Over the last few years we went from the normal two east and westbound lanes, to one more narrow lane to appease all the Bloomberg/Big Bird bike riders.

And now we have the narrowest east/westbound lanes for traffic so that a two-way bike lane could be constructed on the north or Peter Cooper side… not to mention that those bike lanes must be crossed to get to a parked car, the two new bus stop islands or to simply cross the street to go to Lenz’s Deli, Mount Sinai or Oval Fitness. Bozos!

Yes, I’m used to that overused phrase of “NYC Living” or “Urban Living” but Sweet Jesus, how long will it be until there is a head-on motor vehicle accident, a resident is mowed down or an ambulance or any first responders cannot maneuver in the area correctly to aid those in need, fight a fire or save a life? I certainly understand that politics is always involved here, as we now see a sudden change by our wonderful governor as it pertains to the L train shutdown.

But, please… I urge all tenants of ST/PCV to speak up to our local elected officials and Stuy Town management.

As I am writing this, there is constant horn honking (I face 20th Street) and cars continuously having to swing around into oncoming traffic as a taxi or a black car (Uber etc.) may be letting a fare out.

I really, really hope that it does not take a serious accident or God forbid, a fatality on this new block from hell to open some eyes and correct this!

Joe McGrath, PCV

A resident smitten and bitten

I know how bitterly divided we tenants are on the momentous question of whether to feed the resident wildlife or not. From an unfortunate recent experience, I’m now urging PCV/ST to permanently remove all feral life from the property and not worsen things.

Of course it isn’t the animals’ fault they’re so cute or mine for being tempted — as I was — to offer a small treat. But in the very process of getting smitten, I got bitten. As I approached, the older of the two was looking away and the one I actually wanted to feed grazed the lawn, probably eating peanuts. Its bite to me felt like an electric shock. But I never saw a doctor and luckily I still feel fine. Yes, cute, but keep in mind, they’re untamed. To older residents, they may represent a long-established tradition. But animals are dirty and dangerous. And many newer tenants have young children who play on the lawn.

My advice: Tell your kids never try to feed Santa’s lit-up little reindeer!

Joe Lobenthal, PCV

Not looking forward to more pot smoke

Dear Ms. Mollot:

When my children exit our Stuy Town apt they often inhale vapors of secondhand marijuana smoke.  I went online to check if that was safe and found out that marijuana smoke contains toxins and carcinogens.

Not only that but smoking marijuana can delay brain development in younger people. Parents who smoke are more likely to have children with genetic defects.

Governor Cuomo’s decision to legalize marijuana is likely to increase the amount of marijuana smoke our children are exposed to.  We need to tell Cuomo that we want him to reverse his decision.


Gamaliel Isaac, ST

Thanks, Town & Village and editor

Dear Sabina Mollot,

This may be an unusual letter to the editor but I think deserves print because I know I don’t only speak for myself but all your readers.

 Thank you to you personally, happy holidays to the staff for the wonderful job you all do connecting us in our community. You are so responsive and increasingly keep the level of the T&V newspaper well read and informative.


Dr. Bel-Michele DeMille, ST

5 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Jan. 17

  1. Yes, E20th needs to be restored. Had the DOT had bothered to advise the community, as NYC law requires, any local resident could have foretold how what a sh*tshow this plan would turn out to be.

    Maybe that explains why they didn’t.

  2. Joe Lobenthal, you are an idiot for putting your hand so close to a squirrel. They have very poor eyesight and the critter probably was focused on the offering, not the hand that was holding it. If you must feed the critters, throw the nut and don’t be a nut and try to hand-feed a wild animal.

  3. They are not feral animals. This is their home. They’re not going to be removed; it would be unfeasible to even do so. Dirty and dangerous? Who is more dangerous than man? Leave the wildlife alone. We’re lucky to have some on these grounds. Appreciate them and if you don’t like them, don’t feed them and don’t interact with them. Teach your children to have respect for all living creatures by setting a good example and not one of unfounded fear.

  4. @Joe Lobenthal, always listen for that low buzzing sound before approaching any of the illuminated wildlife. Funny story tho… 🙂

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