Letters to the editor, Jan. 24

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

This price hike won’t wash

On January 16, 2019, a “Dear Valued Resident of PCVST” note was taped to the laundry room in my building explaining that CSC Service Works was raising the price to use their washers and dryers.

CSC Service Works did not say we were valued customer of theirs. Supporting that blunder, however, CSC’s letter was dated November 15. Despite the price increase scheduled to be “finalized” on or about January 17, I got hit with the hike.

Every expense CSC offers as rationale to increase the price to use their machines pales in comparison to how much they make because one can’t round off the amount on their cards to fit the price of a wash and dry. The average balance that people carry around may be three dollars.

If there are 8,757 apartments in Stuyvesant Town alone (source: Wiki) and with one card per apartment carrying $3, CSC may have $30,000 a year to invest given young folks that leave and chuck their cards. Now add Peter Cooper Village.

CSC says they’re only charging us a three percent increase. Don’t you think they’re getting four percent for our un-spendable funds? Come on, man! I look forward to hearing CSC’s response.

Billy Sternberg, ST

The fix is in for L train

The most important thing I took away from watching the video of this strange, contentious meeting (held by the MTA board on Tuesday, January 15) was a rare moment of candor from WSP engineer Mike Abrahams (as he sat, uncomfortably, in the middle of the panel of consultants, looking like he was being held hostage):

“It certainly would have been advantageous for long-term service life to completely tear out the duct banks and completely replace them,” he said. The original approach was expected to make the tunnel safe for another century.

This longevity stands in stark contrast with the vague, difficult-to-pin down “for decades” estimate of the lifespan for Gov. Cuomo’s new, untried fix: applying a fiber reinforced polymer coating to some of the less crumbling parts of the concrete bench wall, which wall would then be monitored by some kind of fiber-optic mechanism “for movement.” After much evasion, someone opined, 40-50 years – less than half the period of the proven repair.

Other observations: No mention was made of the need to abandon the designed use of the benchwall walkway for emergency evacuation purposes – because there is nowhere to put the new cable racking system in this narrow old-style tunnel that doesn’t block the path.

I learned that fiber reinforced polymer is nasty-smelling stuff to work with. Plus, it melts in a fire.

Name withheld, ST

2 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Jan. 24

  1. CSC does not set the prices for the laundry. ST/PCV does. No one pays as much as these residents. Neighborhood condos, co-ops and even rentals pay about $1.50 There’s a building on the upper east side that pays $1.25 for the washer. There’s no reason to pay this amount except more profits. The machines aren’t any better. They still break down as often as before.

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