Stuyvesant Square Park in the dark for two months until light repairs

Light posts were left on while being tested on Monday in the park’s east section. (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

After two months of darkness, over a dozen lampposts in Stuyvesant Square Park that had stopped working some time in November finally saw some repairs on Monday morning though the work is apparently still ongoing.

The lamps being out of order were reported to the city early on by the Stuyvesant Park Neighborhood Association as well as another park watchdog, Michael Alcamo and his Friends of Stuyvesant Square Park organization. Six of the lamp posts were in the park’s east section, with another four on Second Avenue, where the park is divided.

However, as Phyllis Mangels, a board member of the SPNA, explained it, while the association had reported the matter to Parks, Parks had to refer the matter to the Department of Transportation and as of Monday morning, Parks hadn’t gotten any feedback on when the lights would be fixed.

This meant the park had remained completely dark after dusk in some sections each night until shortly after Town & Village reached out to the DOT as well as Parks on Monday morning, which also coincided with some additional email nudging from SPNA and Friends.

By 11 a.m. on Monday, Alcamo reported that the lights were once again on in the park’s east section though two lamp posts on the perimeter of the park, one on Second Avenue, the other on Perlman Place, were still out of order.

When a T&V reporter stopped by a half hour later, all the lamps inside the park were still illuminated, despite the early hour, though work crews had already gone.

The Department of Parks and Recreation, when contacted by T&V about the lights, referred questions to the DOT, explaining that regular lamps on the perimeters and pathways of parks are maintained by that agency while Parks is only responsible for event lights.

A spokesperson for DOT, when asked about some of the lights being on again, confirmed that a contractor had been on site on Monday and said that the agency “would continue to look into this.” She added that the lights in the park were last repaired in November 2018.

Mangels said she was later told the lights were left on throughout the day (including when she stopped by at 1 p.m.) for testing purposes. They were tested again the following day, she observed, though turned off afterwards.

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