Letters to the editor, Feb. 7

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Useful info about Gillibrand

I was pleased to read Steve Sanders’ column in last week’s T&V regarding Kirsten Gillibrand (“Who is Kirsten Gillibrand?”). It was a useful look at and recap of her CV and made several points that may not be common knowledge if one is not a politics wonk. I count myself a wonk, but not yet a pundit.

It is a service to our general voting population to point out that her current Liberal affiliation is second only to Saint Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. It was nearly instantaneous when she found herself downstate after a term as a Representative from upstate complete with the A rating from the NRA.

I would like to make one other point that Sanders did not make mention of in this article. That is the immediate hue and cry she unleashed calling for Al Franken’s resignation from the Senate after allegations of sexual misconduct were discovered. Make no mistake, I found his behavior reprehensible and unacceptable. However, not every crime warrants the death penalty and her reaction to the story was extremely swift as well as loud. It is my opinion that Kirsten Gillibrand tends to stay fit by jumping onto bandwagons.

That’s not necessarily disqualifying but should be kept in mind if she seeks a higher office that she declared herself uninterested in during her last election – 2018!

Judith Swearingen, ST

Pass Hoylman’s Supplier Diversity Act

To the Editor,

New York State’s wildly successful Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise program has demonstrated what is possible when we leverage the resources we have at our disposal and ensure a seat at the table for those who have historically been underrepresented in state contracting and the business world. It is long past time to fully unleash the potential of LGBTQ, veterans and entrepreneurs with disabilities for the benefit of the entire state.

The Queens Chamber of Commerce is proud to represent over 1,000 member businesses, employing over 90,000 Queens-based employees, in the most diverse community in the United States. We have seen first-hand how businesses owned by LGBTQ New Yorkers, veterans and New Yorkers with disabilities have contributed to a thriving business climate and create jobs and opportunity in our borough.

We enthusiastically support The New York State Supplier Diversity Act, a crucial piece of legislation introduced by Senator Brad Hoylman that will promote state contracting opportunities among businesses owned by LGBTQ New Yorkers, veterans and New Yorkers with disabilities.

We thank Senator Hoylman for his leadership in introducing this legislation and look forward to working with him to advance it in Albany.

Tom Grech

The writer is the president and CEO of the Queens Chamber of Commerce.

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