Opinion: Mark-Viverito blocked SBJSA

By Sung Soo Kim, founder, Small Business Congress

Normally, the small business advocates would call upon all New Yorkers to put aside the canned election political rhetoric and instead scrutinize the records, qualifications, public statements and past actions of the candidates. There is no time for this proper analysis, but one candidate’s shameful record on dealing with the small business crisis and being influenced by a lobby must be exposed to the voters, especially in the immigrant community.

We carefully reviewed public advocate candidate Melissa Mark-Viverito’s (MMV) record and actions as speaker on addressing the specific crisis of the closings of long established small businesses. Also examined were her actions to address the anti-democratic rigging by a lobby taking place in the speaker’s office for over four years.

Nobody is more qualified to make this assessment than the small business advocates who have been fighting for justice for decades. The small businesses themselves wrote the original legislation (Small Business Jobs Survival Act, Jobs Survival Act ) giving rights to businesses to survive when their leases expired and then advocated for over 30 years to get it passed.

We know from firsthand experience who is a true progressive and friend of small business and who has been bought off to stop our bill and deny rights to small business owners.  We know when we receive justice and fair treatment at City Hall and when justice is denied by a rigged system. Our warning to voters to not vote for MMV is based solely upon the true record of MMV as speaker on our crisis.

Furthermore, we have an obligation to desperate small business owners and their employees as well as every New Yorker who loves their neighborhoods to be truthful and thorough on our assessment of which candidate would be the worst choice as PA to be the voice for the voiceless. MMV’s record proves without any reservations that she is the worst possible candidate to be PA and would disgrace the office by secretly continuing her loyalty to serve a lobby and not the people in need of a voice and justice from their government.

We call upon all other candidates to carefully read the details of MMV’s record on the small business crisis and the rigging by a lobby using the speaker’s office.  MMV is the only speaker in 30 years to never hold a hearing on the Jobs Survival Act, nor any legislation giving business owners rights when their leases expire!

The sole justification given by MMV for never holding a hearing on the Jobs Survival Act has been, “my legal counsel advised against any hearing because the bill was unconstitutional and would be challenged in court.” What was her justification for making no effort to seek a solution to save a single small business or job while she was speaker? Ask her! MMV touts her success in bringing people together to create solutions to problems, but she did a shameful and disgraceful job in using the speaker’s office to fight against any real solution to save small businesses. Ask her these questions in public.

4 thoughts on “Opinion: Mark-Viverito blocked SBJSA

  1. This story is important because it overrides all issues for PA. What is affordable if you have no job? Where is the money coming from for better education when the backbone of your economy is being destroyed and their revenue contribution is being lost? The closing of our small businesses is the only issue that every voter has directly experienced , some many times and others every day as they walk past empty storefronts. If MMV is responsible for making a crisis worse by using her office to deny justice and a solution to save small businesses then she should not be elected PA.

  2. Remember that old song : “There Is A Rose In Spanish Harlem”? Well, Ms Mark-Viverito
    chopped that rose down viciously. With persistent, conscienceless determination, she did the bidding of the real estate billionaires of New York (REBNY) and pushed through the rezoning of that great old neighborhood, El Barrio, setting the stage for an army of bulldozers to come smashing into it, forcing out the hard working Latino people living there for a century, who brought us the beloved “salsa” music heralded the world over and recognized as a part of New York’s matchless creativity. She cold- bloodily stabbed her own constituents in the back, harming New York’s unique character and should be ashamed to show her face in public. I must thank Mr. Kim for documenting her malignant indifference to the tragedy of our small stores dying all over the city.

  3. Thank you Mr. Kim for this oped. I cannot believe MMV is even a “front runner”! She is single highhandedly responsible for every vacant storefront since 2014 and the countless number of jobs lost. She raked in 174k in money from big real estate while she pushed for the East Harlem rezoning and then suggested at the debate that the Mayor do a better job engaging with the community during neighborhood rezonings. #byemelissa

  4. There’s certainly a lot to think about in this article. Thanks for the expose! NYC does NOT need ANOTHER covert shill for Big Developers and the Real Estate Lobby, as well as another foe of small local businesses! We already had enough of that with Quinn.

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